Saturday, 20 June 2009

What's the Difference?

In a email recently i asked a social worker if the department runs using double standards. Unfortunately this point was never actually directly answered but the content of the response to my email did reveal the answer inadvertently.

Spot the Difference!

One email from me, asking them to investigate two assaults on a child, one by a social worker, one by an approved carer. The same child was involved in both cases and both allegations have similar 'proof', ie I had informed them of two incidents by email, in the same email. Now naturally you would assume that they would investigate the matter which may actually involve talking to the child but no here is their solution:

Case 1: Please can you fill in this complaints form?

Case 2: Make a police complaint.

Now I am sorry but there's no prizes for guessing, case 1 was indeed the social worker, clearly preventing any criminal charges being brought against them and protecting them from the law.

Now this highlighs the double standards that the department use, even if she did not answer the question directly.

Running a department in a manner that protects employees from criminal charges is plainly wrong, and yes I do have the correspondence to back up what I say!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Just a few thoughts....

I find it quite disusting that the AG has come to the decision of not prosecuting certain individuals for child abuse with many statements made against them, he managed to prosecute my husband on one inconsistent statement made against him, with my husband frankly making a statement of what happened. Or was that his mistake of not going 'no comment' or even more possibly an attempt to cover up the illegal actions of a States employee?

Two children were unlawfully removed from my care, one I was told because he was a witness. I said at the time he could not be a witness as he was in the bath at the time. I was disbelieved. I have just received an email stating I can not have access to what he said at the time as he did not witness anything!

It does make me wonder of just how much this is costing for these unnecessary so called professionals who are purely there not to establish truth but to work against you to prove some justification of their actions. It gets tough but I still have some hope that our family will be re-united. If you know of anyone having similar experiances please advise them carefully of giving consideration to representing themselves, you just have to ignore the tutting and sighs as you speak and tell the truth. Even with prison being offered as a punishment for non-compliance, you have to stand up for what you believe in.

I am toying with the idea of perhaps starting up a group (or perhaps a solo act) to help anyone who is having problems with the way the system works. I quite like the name FACT -Families Against Child Trauma. If you would have seen the results of what they did to my little boy the 'alledged' witness you would understand the name. I have a little notebook where he wrote how he would die without his brother.