Saturday, 23 January 2010

If You Tolerate This Your Children Could Be Next

We are the Social Services
We will screw up your kids alright
We've got to keep them in the system
We need them there for life.

We don't want happy families
What we want is for you to fight
Not us you see, amongst yourselves
So our case is watertight.

It's not just us you keep in a job
Just think about all the services
That without your kids would collapse
From child psychologists to prison services.

So if you're in a quandry
You just don't know what to do
Don't approach the Social Services
Or your kids will soon go too.

We may moan about our workload
But really it is a front
We have targets to reach
So excuse us if we're blunt.

Few of us care about our job
Or the kids that are involved
But since the beginning of abortions
This forced adoption racket evolved.

We have all these childless couples
That we're sure are better than you
So we'll pass your kids on to them
Then go on to family number two.........

Written by: One Day!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Does the JEP print all letters to the editor?

This is a letter that has been forwarded to me, I have removed the sender's name and address although I have it and had they printed this letter, it would have also been printed. Looks like the answer to my question is no they do not! When the letter below did not appear in the JEP, the author phoned to ask why it had not been printed. The answer was along the lines of 'we have more newsworthy stories'.

22nd November 2009

The Editor

Jersey Evening Post

Guiton House

Five Oaks

St. Saviour


Dear Sir

The recent headlines

Boy in Care after beating

The Report went on to state a beating by his step father in April 2008.

Perhaps a further report mentioning that the conviction has since been quashed regarding his clipping the boy around the ear – who knows an apology by the JEP for the disgraceful headline and reporting would not go a miss.

Also the authorities concerned could learn from this they could have used more common sense and understanding where a verbal caution was sufficient instead of wasting tax payer’s money to bring this matter to court.

Yours faithfully