Saturday, 28 February 2009

A time for reflection.......

Sometimes you need a little time to think things over, to do nothing, to say nothing .... just reflect on the situation. Believe me it does not get any clearer, there are now so many people who are involved, with not one being able to answer any questions with a direct answer (or infact anything that may be loosly described as an answer). A memorable one they other day was when i was told that given the situation that it was a little odd that i was questioning that they have broken the law.

I have for some time now realised that they have no intention of letting my son return home as I will not play their game and tell them how wonderful they are in kidnapping my children from me, letting me get over the begging for them back stage (yes I'm afraid I'll have to admit to a bit of grovelling which got one home), however I'm not one who can do that forever, and after the damage they have caused us I will never back down now. My son will be nearly old enough to do as he pleases soon and I will wait for that time. I will not have a grossly incompetent department dictacting to my family what we can and can not do.

I wish I could go into a bit more detail at the moment but I feel like I am at a bit of a crossroads at the moment but the long and the short of it is that complaining about a States department (employees) gets you nowhere - you complain up through the correct channels - you get nowhere - you go to the top and work your way down - you get nowhere - you complain in court - you get nowhere. You ask for questions to be answered - you get nowhere. I'm so busy getting nowhere - I'm loosing directions in Jersey!

I now have around 8 files and copies elsewhere full of interesting conflicting information, scattered with outright lies which a few pages on can be disproved by the same people who wrote the lies - police, lawyers, social workers, and other so called professionals - absolutly amazing reading if you are ever bored. It's also becomming quite apparent that you can't work for the States without having some rediculous 'manager of some sort' title. I am amazed at the amount of these types of people in Health and Social Services - no wonder they can not run the department, they must have to go through at least ten line managers to answer something as no-one can make a decision for themselves there - unless of course it is to do with child snatching then they are off in their element as they have to damage a certain amount of children to keep them in life long jobs, and then they can pass them on as damaged adults to the prison or to some psychiatric unit. Where would they all be without these little children......?

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Secondary schools fail both children and parents

In primary schools parents are actively encouraged to take an interest in their child's education. The schools often involve parents in outings, special days etc where most teachers do actually spend some time getting to know a family.

Where this changes is when they go to secondary school the door is slammed in your face. Your role as a parent is disregarded and is of low importance to them, they ignore your concerns and then have the cheek to get in touch when they have decided they have had enough.

You know it really makes me wonder who the Director of Education is - perhaps he should start with teaching the teachers to listen to the parents.

I have side lined a bit from the Social Services here but they are inter-linked. The reason for this is as a result of a phonecall made by mistake to me about my kidnapped son - yes they are still holding him to ransom, for almost a year now. I am still waiting for their justification of removing my son from my care - did I tell you that I have done nothing wrong? Most days words can not describe what I think of the situation.

Anyway back to the phonecall, after realising he had the wrong number - I was probably the last person he wanted to speak to at the time - I found out my son had been suspended for a week for amongst other things, 'threatening to stab himself'. So I also got the chance to put him straight on a few things too. Er hello Social Services, does that not tell you he is desparately unhappy with his current situation. You have only yourselves to blame, he should be with his family.

Well I ll end this one with the invitation we received to attend a 'looked after child review' - I beg to differ in the title - perhaps I'll attend once he is actually being looked after and is allowed home.