Saturday, 29 November 2008

My log of the 4th - 6th April 2008

Friday 4th April

Waited for ***** to contact me. Was told that they would come and see me after they had interviewed the children at 10.00am. No-one contacted me. Went to the police station at 14.30 to see if I could find out firstly where the children were and what was happening to my husband. I fully expected that the children were coming home today.

Whilst at the police station:
14.40 ***** phoned me to say that I would not be seeing the children, definitely not over the weekend but maybe the next week with no explanation to why except that they did not feel safe at home.

Told not to try contacting the children at all.

Saturday 5th April

No contact was made by social services.
Whilst at her father’s house ***** phoned me to say how upset ***** was and that he had tried to run away from there to come home saying that he wanted to see mummy. I talked to him to tell him how much I loved him and that they would be both home soon and that he was not in any trouble.
My daughter stayed at home with me that night.
My husband was taken to La Moye prison in the morning to appear in court on the Monday morning.

Sunday 6th April

No contact was made by social services.

Now initially they failed to obtain a Court Order or a warrant for arrest on the 3rd April 2008. They also failed to obtain authorisation for the removal of my children from school from the Minister of Education.

Sunday, oh if only I knew then what I know now I would have gone and picked them up. This is the day that 'come in number 1 you're sacked' gets into sticky ground. Whatever reason they have given for taking your children after 72 hours their luck runs out and they are legally obliged to return your child/ children home. If they keep them away from you they have to apply for a Court Order which has to be shown to you.

Guess what - they did not have any Court Orders. They were acting illegally. 'No 1 - you're sacked' fraudulently took my children from me and then unlawfully kept my children away from me with no lawful reason or excuse. 'Kidnapped'.

Friday, 28 November 2008

A Social Workers Poem - by Ian Josephs

In my months of researching the various laws etc, I came across a very interesting gentleman on the web. As I read more of what he has written I knew exactly what he was talking about, anyway I thought you may like a poem of his:


I am a social worker,
I'm really very nice.
I help you loving mothers,
And give you good advice!

Your partner has departed
Your income is too low.
I'm really very sorry,
All your kids will have to go!

Your partner is abusive?
He beats you black and blue?
We'll soon be there to help you,
And take your children too!

You have a learning problem,
You're really not too clever
We'll get your kids adopted
When can you see them?? NEVER!!

Your son is hyperactive?
You need a brief respite;
We'll soon take ALL your children
Give up the hopeless fight!

Your child was taken into care,
So many years ago
If now you have a baby
That too will have to go!

Foster parents love your kids
To get some more they seek,
For each one brings a tidy sum
£400 per week!!

Children's homes are run by us,
Where paedophiles abound
Each time we cover up abuse
"The gutter press" come round

"They" said adoptions worked the best
We soon proved that they would
Fathers shout and mothers cry
Their kids are gone for good!

What happens in our special courts?
Our experts they will say
"You're a danger to your children,
So we'll take them all away!"

Your children may be healthy,
Happy and well fed
But one day you might hurt them
That's what our experts said

The judges know that we are right,
With us they will agree
They dare not risk another course
You have no chance you see!

Our special courts are secret,
So don't you breathe a word
Of what goes on inside those walls
No matter how absurd!

We'll get your kids adopted,
And don't you dare complain!
Or you'll end up in prison
And I won't say that again!

We have adoption targets,
They must be met you see,
Failure means a reprimand,
So spare a thought for me!!!

by IAN JOSEPHS (a very social worker!)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

'You won't get what you want'

This is a statement that has now been with me for many months. It was the mature, professional comment from the first social worker that I had the pleasure to meet. Upset I said to her 'all I want is my family back together', her reply was 'well you're not going to get what you want'.

I wonder, had I said something out of place, why shouldn't I want my family back together?

Mind you to this day they are helping her keep her word.

You would think it was simple wouldn't you, my son wants to be home (he's stated this many times to various people from April), we want him home (have not said he should be living anywhere but home), and yet he's still not home. However the Children's Service are opposing him being allowed to live with his family. He also has five brother's and sister's at home. They are breaching our Human Rights. They also have not allowed him contact with his extended family either, again breaching Human Rights. They want to control the family telling us when we can see each other (actually more not allowed to see him) and for many months I thought they had power. Now I see my son whenever we want and look forward to the day he will be allowed to live again as part of his family and not as an outsider (this is done behind their back as they have lied to both my family and my son).

Here's a little taster of one of many lies:

Doorbell went, answered door signed for a letter 'couriered' to me by 'my(?)' lawyer's stating how much my son did not want to see me, I turned and looked at my son (the one not allowed home), and thought - 'I dost think they're telling me fibs'. This event was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back and my lawyer /client relationship was terminated.

A truly sad moment happened last week when my kidnapped son asked if we could go and watch him play football. We had to miss it because my huband is working off his 40 hours community service and it was at the same time.

Here's a couple of phrases that are commonly used when dealing with the not-so-nice employees (as I have said not all are the same, I am hoping I have just been unfortunate):

'I'll speak to my line manager'
'We don't have the facility'
'They're scared of you'
'It's all your fault anyway'
'I'll have to investigate you'

When dealing with people that may question them then that's an easy one:

They are deemed 'abusive'.

This happened to both my mother and doctor when they put in a complaint about Social Worker No 1 (I'ld like to be the director of the Prisoner so I could say 'come in No 1 you're sacked).

Another one was, when a Social worker was told complaints about their illegal actions and behaviour were going in, we were told 'yeah - bring it all on'. So I am.

Hold on did I remember to tell you - I did nothing wrong?

I think this is the moment to congratulate Simon Bellwood who stood up and said 'this is illegal' about the Grand Prix system. I just wish there were a few more like him with integrity then we would see greater changes. Silence is allowing them to commit unlawful acts.

Thinking about this, they must have confused me for 'The Life Skills Teacher' as I have been told I have a punishment room downstairs. So be careful if you live in a townhouse style place where they put a bedroom two floors down from anywhere else and of course if you have a bed, wardrobes, curtains, flat screen TV, DVD player etc in the room. There may be a few people glad to live in our punishment room. Sadly not one of around 9 people took up my offer to come and see the room. Want to come and see? - Sadly I can only guarantee comfort and soft furnishings.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

My Log of The 3rd April 2008

I have taken out the names from my log, but a number of people have a copy including Ministers and the Court.

So here's the day my life started on this roller coaster of lies, deceits and cover ups:

Thursday 3rd April

10.53am **** school secretary phoned me to say that ***** had been involved in messing around in the playground before school and had fallen and had a lump on the back of his head (no mention of extensive bruising to an ear). My reply was ‘that doesn’t surprise me’. I was told he was fine and had been sent back to class.

15.35 received a phone call from a lady identifying herself as *******, a social worker who told me that she had picked up my children from school. She then asked for my permission to the examination of ****** by the police doctor as a result of serious allegations that he has made. I was totally shocked by this and when I tried asking how this situation had occurred was given no information. I could not believe what I was hearing and asked for her to phone back in 5 minutes so I could try and comprehend what she had said to me. I asked when the children would be returned home she refused to answer me and spoke with a condescending attitude.

I would like to especially know who authorised the collection of (other child) from (another) School without my permission and for no valid reason.

Also who tricked my daughter ***** to going to the police station on the pretence that I was already there. Also once there she asked where I was and was told that I was on my way down there, when they had forbidden me to have any contact with my children.

15.45 phoned back to ask for my permission again for an examination for **** which I granted and then I was told she would come and see me after the examination. Again asked when the children would return home. Was told ‘at this stage I can not answer you‘.

17.00 police and social workers arrived at the door. Firstly my husband **** was cautioned and arrested by two police officers and taken to the police station. Two social workers and a child protection officer entered my front room. Here they told me that the children’s home was not safe for them to stay without giving me any proof or evidence of this alleged allegation. Was asked where they could stay for one night I said ‘at my mother’s house’ they told me to phone her and ask. By this stage I was in tears and extremely upset, I phoned my mother to try and explain a situation that I did not really understand I was completely taken aback by these people sitting there telling me my home was not a safe environment for ***** and *****. My mother understandably was also upset as I am 29 weeks pregnant, sobbing down the phone trying to explain why I was not allowed to have care of my children. My mother asked to speak to a social worker to try and establish the facts and was told that it was nothing to do with her and they did not like her attitude and therefore she was an unsuitable grandmother and were going to have to conduct a police check on her. To which my mother replied I am a holder of a PSV badge so therefore I do not need a police check to which thy replied ‘how do we know that?’
After this call the social workers (*****) told me they did not think the children should stay with my mother. I burst into tears again and said it is obvious she is going to be upset the children love going up to grandma’s.
They left with overnight bag for **** and *****, leaving **** and **** behind in my care with the assurance that **** and ***** would be staying with my mother.

I was so upset and frightened that they would not let the children stay at my mother’s that I sent her a text saying ‘please just agree with what they say otherwise they won’t let the kids stay with u x then god knows where they ll take them’ time text was sent -17.53.28 03/04/08

****** phoned me from the police station on her mobile asking if she could also stay at grandma’s, I said should not be a problem but I will phone and check.

My mother phoned ***** and she was in tears and said she could not come as she was not allowed to and the social worker took the phone from my daughter and told my mother that the children were to frightened to come and stay with her and that she would be further investigated as to why. They would not tell my mother where they were taking her grand children and that she was not allowed to contact me. My mother replied try stopping me I am going there now.

18.28 withheld number
Was told by ***** that the children were not going to my mother’s as they were scared of her. I was told they were going to stay with my ex-partner, father of my eldest child **** but no relation of **** and ****.
Told not to try contacting the children at all as I would be charged with perverting the course of justice.

Now please do remember in all of this, I had done nothing wrong.


Information from the Citizen's Advice Bureau:

Smack or Assault? ( 8.30.65.L6 )

Sunday, 08 April 2007
8.30.65.L6 Smack or assault?
Extent: JerseyMarch 1996Updated 30 November 2004 ---------------------------------------------------
In Jersey there is no clearly defined line between the lawful correction of a child and a criminal physical assault. The onus is on the prosecution to prove that the child was 'recklessly' harmed and the injuries were 'intentional'.
It is accepted that parents in Jersey are entitled to correct their child, and/or teachers or other persons having lawful control or charge of a child, to administer punishment to her/him.
When parents hit or slap a child enough to cause marks or bruising, they have definitely overstepped the mark. A slap is permissible, to use an implement (such as a belt) is not acceptable.
Cases of possible physical abuse are referred to the Children's Department. Each case is dealt with on its merits, there is close liaison between the Children's Department and the Police before prosecutions are brought.
Under Article 35 of the Children (Jersey) Law 2002, it is an offence for any person who is responsible for a child under the age of 16 to recklessly or intentionally:
cause any harm to that child
expose her/him to a risk of harm; or
neglect him in a manner likely to cause her/him harm.
Last Updated ( Friday, 08 June 2007 )

Now the story began like this:

On the 2nd April 2008 my husband witnessed my son attacking a girl in St Helier, pulling a garment of clothing from her, spitting in her face, hitting her and saying racially abusive comments to her. My husband pulled him into the car (as he was picking up him and a friend) disgusted by his behaviour. Not wanting to cause him humiliation in front of his friend and obviously because he was driving any correction for his behaviour was to be addressed at home (obviously dangerous to do this at that same time as driving as he may have been distracted from the road). On their return home my son's disgusting behaviour warranted a short sharp shock. My husband expressed his dissapproval of his behaviour and slapped him a couple of times. He left no marks or bruises on my son and he did not use any implement.

Now even though in general I do not approve of smacking children, in extreme circumstances occasionally this type of chastisement can be what is needed to nip in the bud the potentially dangerous and illegal behaviour committed by the child.

There is an extreme difference between an action such as this and the appauling institutional abuse cases that Senator Stuart Syvret is working around the clock to ensure justice for the victims. One day i truely hope that will happen. My mother and my aunts were 'brought up' in the Sacre Coeur, my mother whilst in the States run Creche, had the top of her finger chopped off by a staff member, and in HDLG - where they hold a number of not so nice memories of their childhood. One can only imagine the fear they had to live with, with no one to turn to but each other. My brother has also experianced the 'not so kind care' of a current civil servant et al. at Les Chenne in the 80's. A number of years after he said to me 'I knew I had won when I saw fear in his eyes' (about the current civil servant). Although he has never blamed the way he was treated with the way he turned out - what his statement says to me is that he was once a frightened little boy.

Anyway back to the story - Can you be found guilty of causing harm to a child by slapping, leaving no marks and not using an implement? - Yes especially when you are trying (but not getting anywhere) to complain that they (Social Services) have broke the law and kidnapped your children and also did not follow their own procedures in obtaining evidence.

Now I know not all Social Workers should be tarred and feathered, there are some very nice ones. For example I did actually like one of them, when I asked him if my children were kidnapped to meet some sort of office targets - you must get 3 kids this week - he kindly informed me that yes they did actually get targets. I thought I was joking...... appears not.

I also asked how come they managed to return one home but not the other and asked if it was because one was nicer looking than the other, cute, blond hair, blue eyes.... This was asked because in the 60's they were quite fond of forcibly adopting babies especially those children of the children from the homes and my aunt's baby was given to a convicted paedophile. Unfortunately he offered no comment to this question. Very soon after he left the job.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Will Justice ever come to Jersey?

Well perhaps the first point to address is why i have started this blog and if i'm honest it's in the hope of seeing justice throughout the States Departments and for them to be held accountable when they break the law. A pattern seems to form over the years and it is a method they use again and again - they break the law and therefore will use any measures possible to cover up their illegal actions including abusing the Legal system. I have no doubt of their powers, believe me i could tell you about a fictitious boat I was booked onto to prevent me going to a trial, when i arrived, the Condor terminal was in darkness with a little man brushing the floor, telling me I must have it wrong as the boat never sailed at that time/ day. So I obviously showed him the ticket, then he couldn't explain what had happened. Another longer story involves being double-crossed and the Home Office becoming involved in this instance, but I suppose life is for adventure......

However their latest one to me is kidnapping my children. Yes you did read it right - kidnapping. This is not a wild accusation, I have documented proof of this, but have you ever tried getting justice or truth out of a States Department? This started with the vigilante and illegal actions of Social Workers on the 3rd April this year. During the course of the last few months i have even seen them offering up falsified evidence to the secret family court - this court is so secret over here twice i have had problems even finding the hearings listed, standing at the Greffe saying there is a hearing - being told we have no listing etc. Eventually to be told - oh we've found it. I have also taken the step of representing myself as one child is still in effect kidnapped. I am writing this as an account of what has happened to my family over the last few months, the story will unfold in parts. Again everything I will put on here can be proven. I will not stop until all those involved are held accountable.

I also passed on the information that would of highlighted the illegal operations of the department on the 20th April 2008 to the Minister, to ask for his help. Instead he passed the buck and I have now a few more names to add to the list of those involved in this cover up. They expect people to bow down and grovel to them, but not me, I am currently compiling my case against the Social Services.

I may leave certain items out from my record at this stage, the main reason for this is there are current legal proceedings and also for future court case as I do not want to give the Law Officers an unfair advantage by handing my evidence on a plate to them.