Sunday, 13 September 2009

Gone for good

Well one full care order imposed.

This was imposed as a result of the conviction against my husband. The conviction that was attained by one friendly DC policeman who managed to completely re-write his own version of events for a do not disclose case summary and also change what my husband told him in his interview in the transcripts - obviously he liked his own version better. One thing I wonder do they get a bonus for each conviction?

With a bit of a battle and a long court case (well for me it was), I managed to get most of the other accusations against us quashed - apart from my most heinous crime to date in this mess - not agreeing with social services or working with them - since November last year.

I fail to see why I should work with people who refuse to acknowledge the truth of the situation. So in the words of a not missed social worker 'bring it all on' - I accept your challange and I will.

So it looks like a few more court appearances for social services et al., I will not give up and I may have lost a battle but they have not won the war.