Thursday, 8 April 2010

Jersey's Childrens Services Definition of Flourishing......

Now for months I have been told how my son is flourishing and doing ever so well as he is not in our care anymore. Below I reproduce a section from a letter I received yesterday:

"Dear Mrs .........

I am writing to advise you that I have recently received information that on the 22nd March 2010, (name removed) was involved in a fight at school with another young person. The police have been involved and (name removed) was Charged on the 29th March with Grave and Criminal Assault and is due to appear in Youth Court. (Date to be advised)

I would also like to inform you that due to (name removed)'s behaviour and recent suspensions from (school removed), he is due to transition to d'Hautree House School on 21st April. If (name removed) is able to work hard and improve his behaviour within school, this will allow him the opportunity to work towards attending a mainstream school in the future."

As you see by the above extract he really is flourishing, fantastic job you must get the award of Child Carer's of the Year.

Jersey's children are safer not being under the care of Social Services.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

2 Years Ago Today

It was two years ago today that the Social Sevices intervened in our lives.

2 years which have seen the destruction of the relationships of brothers and sisters, of a family.

I hope they can sleep at night.