Sunday, 7 November 2010

A New Website....

I would like to introduce a new website and also congratulate its' creator, a person with courage and determination who wants to see change and help bring in the changes. 

 Copied from the main page:

"This website has been set up with the intention of assisting those families and individuals who have been abused, deceived and harmed by the operation of the Social Services, and particularly the Children's Service, in the island of Jersey. From what I have read, seen and heard, the methods used by the States of Jersey Children's Service ape those used in mainland Britain with the same disastrous consequences.

One problem that each family or individual who is subjected to abuse by the Children's Service has is that they have no idea just how common this process is and this makes it far easier for the States to ignore each injustice in turn. I am asking for a show of hands and I hope that this will lead to a formation of a local group or formal association.

Current areas of concern:
Where the staff of any of the services have acted beyond the boundaries of the law.
Where the staff have not kept to their own published procedures.
Where the staff have lied.
Where the staff have operated with bias.
Where the staff have acted with incompetence."

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Unite and Fight!

I know I have not posted for quite some time but I am still here, planning my next move in what has now become my game of chess. The Privy Council has turned down permission to appeal - so I have come up with one more path of redress before the ECHR. I will be a bit sneaky and keep my plan to myself but be assured I will enjoy it! Do I expect to win? Well for now no, but I will eventually, for every knockback it just makes my case stronger.

I know there are many others who have suffered at the hands of the Jersey SS. Now is the time to take action. In England there is a class action being brought before the ECHR, which is very interesting for us to follow. Please if you know of anyone or have yourself been a victim of the procedures (or in fact their inability to follow procedure) and heartlessness of the SS in Jersey please contact me via the comments section. If you put 'not for publication' I will not publish your details and will contact you privately.  I will keep all correspondence confidential.

Unite and fight against the injustices of the family court system!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Jersey's Childrens Services Definition of Flourishing......

Now for months I have been told how my son is flourishing and doing ever so well as he is not in our care anymore. Below I reproduce a section from a letter I received yesterday:

"Dear Mrs .........

I am writing to advise you that I have recently received information that on the 22nd March 2010, (name removed) was involved in a fight at school with another young person. The police have been involved and (name removed) was Charged on the 29th March with Grave and Criminal Assault and is due to appear in Youth Court. (Date to be advised)

I would also like to inform you that due to (name removed)'s behaviour and recent suspensions from (school removed), he is due to transition to d'Hautree House School on 21st April. If (name removed) is able to work hard and improve his behaviour within school, this will allow him the opportunity to work towards attending a mainstream school in the future."

As you see by the above extract he really is flourishing, fantastic job you must get the award of Child Carer's of the Year.

Jersey's children are safer not being under the care of Social Services.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

2 Years Ago Today

It was two years ago today that the Social Sevices intervened in our lives.

2 years which have seen the destruction of the relationships of brothers and sisters, of a family.

I hope they can sleep at night.

Monday, 29 March 2010

A Brief Recap of Our Last Two Years.....

All that I post below is facts, all of which I have the evidence for.... I may omit some facts as there are just too many for a brief recap!

3rd April 2008 onwards....

My 12 year old son said he had been kicked in the head by my husband.

School counselor wrote on the referral form that we had had a child protection referral before - we had not - it was the people who they placed my son with.

My husband was arrested for allegation of kicking a child in head.

Sometime before 10am the following day, police and social workers knew this to be a false allegation.

Two children were removed from my care with no emergency protection order - therefore the social services acted illegally.

They did not return my children in the legally stipulated time of 72 hours in the absence of a Court Order.

Instead of admitting there was a false allegation they mounted a campaign to try to get my husband plead guilty to an assault that did not happen.

My husband pleaded not guilty despite often being told you will be found guilty by his defence lawyer.

He was found guilty.

The policeman who transcribed my husband's interview got it wrong - a fact so wrong that it overturned his conviction.

They have imposed a care order on the grounds of the conviction.

I appealed the care order, however it now seems that they plucked my son out of thin air and popped a care order on him as a result of no incident taking place. An interesting scenario this is and one that is worth a further challenge.

Now as these years are ticking by they have sent my son's behaviour downhill, that is saying it politely, they have not acted in his best interests - just trying desparately to cover up their mistakes.

Last week after the hearing I was approached by Miss Purgery who at a previous hearing told the Court we were all moving to Australia (perhaps wishful thinking in her behalf) and said we must work together to get him home - after telling the court I was putting him at risk of emotional harm? I said I will work with you 100% once you acknowledge that no assault took place. She said we can't do that - I said well I know that otherwise you would have to admit you are wrong.

Their plan is obvious to most earthworms even - they want to slip him back home drop the care order and make it appear like it is all rosy in the garden again, and I will go away.

Today as it stands they are responsible for the destruction of another child's life rather than be held accountable for their devastating mistakes, lack of communication, incompetence and outright lies.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

In the words of my 3 year old - 'Big Girls Never Give Up'

Each stage we get a little closer to getting the truth out in the open.

Still the care order remains, but now by a thread instead of a rope. I intend to cut that thread one day. The appeal was good in lots of ways that I can't explain at this moment in time.

Without giving too much away the reason for the care order still standing is that he MAY suffer emotional harm - just like I MAY get run over by a bus (probably driven by an out of work social worker).

As big girls never give up, I am preparing my next appeal on this decision which will go to the Privy Council in London. I think it was their last ditched attempt to shut me up. The lawyer behind me with a fondness for yellow shoes, said at the end 'well that's finished', as she shut her files. Well actually no it isn't.

As the saying goes it isn't over till the fat lady sings - well I'm not even humming yet.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Very Appealing!

This will be a short post almost two years to the day Social Services kidnapped my son. Anyone who has followed this blog will know our story, and will know we appealed the conviction against my husband and won. Next week will bring my appeal against the care order imposed on my son, which is now as a result of a lawful punishment for my son's behaviour. Imagine having a child taken from you for grounding them and being told they are at risk of significant harm.

These two years have seen the destruction of my child's education, after numerous suspensions he has now been expelled. They have not only destroyed our family but my son who they are supposed to protect. Shame on them. They have my utter disrespect. Any child in their care is at risk from the incompetence and negligence of these so-called professionals.

If I win, what have I won? I have been told that 'if you get him back he's not the child you once knew' (from a professional referring to his downward spiraling behaviour). There's a old saying that the social services should have taken note of two years ago 'Mother knows best'. No-one knows my son like I do, they should have listened to me.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

If You Tolerate This Your Children Could Be Next

We are the Social Services
We will screw up your kids alright
We've got to keep them in the system
We need them there for life.

We don't want happy families
What we want is for you to fight
Not us you see, amongst yourselves
So our case is watertight.

It's not just us you keep in a job
Just think about all the services
That without your kids would collapse
From child psychologists to prison services.

So if you're in a quandry
You just don't know what to do
Don't approach the Social Services
Or your kids will soon go too.

We may moan about our workload
But really it is a front
We have targets to reach
So excuse us if we're blunt.

Few of us care about our job
Or the kids that are involved
But since the beginning of abortions
This forced adoption racket evolved.

We have all these childless couples
That we're sure are better than you
So we'll pass your kids on to them
Then go on to family number two.........

Written by: One Day!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Does the JEP print all letters to the editor?

This is a letter that has been forwarded to me, I have removed the sender's name and address although I have it and had they printed this letter, it would have also been printed. Looks like the answer to my question is no they do not! When the letter below did not appear in the JEP, the author phoned to ask why it had not been printed. The answer was along the lines of 'we have more newsworthy stories'.

22nd November 2009

The Editor

Jersey Evening Post

Guiton House

Five Oaks

St. Saviour


Dear Sir

The recent headlines

Boy in Care after beating

The Report went on to state a beating by his step father in April 2008.

Perhaps a further report mentioning that the conviction has since been quashed regarding his clipping the boy around the ear – who knows an apology by the JEP for the disgraceful headline and reporting would not go a miss.

Also the authorities concerned could learn from this they could have used more common sense and understanding where a verbal caution was sufficient instead of wasting tax payer’s money to bring this matter to court.

Yours faithfully