Wednesday, 25 November 2009

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today the 25th November 2008, I started this blog to bring issues such as we have been through out in to the open. I felt I had no alternative, I was not being listened to whatever avenue I chose to persue. Basically all State's employees told me if I had a problem, to have it addressed legally. This piece of advice was no doubt given as we did not have the funds to pay a proper advocate and we would have to turn to legal aid, where for the sake of their easy paycheques they do no work on your behalf and you pay in reality for them to aid your opposition.

Well actually I now would like to thank them for that advice, as we spent since July preparing my husbands criminal appeal against sentence and conviction on the main ground of the error in the transripts of my husband's interview - I wrote a post about this in August.

I thought for the blog's anniversary I would have a good news theme........

The appeal against my husband's conviction and sentence was granted and we won the case and the conviction has been quashed.

So here's a interesting point for discussion - they kidnapped my son for nothing, they applied for the care order solely because of the conviction - there's no conviction - perhaps they would like to apply to discharge the care order..... Slowly but with determination we are proving we are right.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

It's like playing a part in a film....

Mrs Hardy: Wheres the clock you bought?

Stan: I don’t know. Ollie said he was gonna keep it in the dark and if I kept my mouth shut no one would be any the wiser ;

(Thicker Than Water)

I think that events are taking a turn into the realms of comedy now, you wait 18 months and slowly but surely you get the proof you need.

A brief round up of the crimes committed against me by Social Services, Children's Services and their Legal Misrepresentatives:

Kidnapping - forcibly keeping my children away from me with NO Court Order.
Assaulting one of my children by dragging him from me, another by snatching a phone out of her hands, making her cry.
Forging a letter from my son
Perverting the course of Justice
Defamation of character
An advocate pretending to represent me to obtain 'personal information' that she was not entitled to have.
Publishing of my husbands name in JEP- illegal
Breach of PPCE law - 2 counts
Police unlawfully changing evidence

Failure to follow procedures and numerous other events to date.

Oh and to remind you of my most heinous crime in this:


(Oh and add black mail to that list)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Approach Social Services With Extreme Caution

As a result of the way we have been treated I applied for access to records held by social services. I picked these up a few days ago, and have only looked at a couple of pages from the files so far. However I feel there is an important issue that people should be aware of.

Around 6 years ago, we contacted Social Services as my son who at the time was receiving speech therapy, and was not able to communicate fully with us about a large burn he had received on his wrist whilst in the care of another person. The relationship was such that we could not approach him directly to ask (he had only just started being allowed unsupervised visits by the Court after around a year of them) so we thought we would get in touch with 'professional people?' who could help investigate for us.

Well I was disgusted by what I read - there was a conversation recorded between a Social Worker where he told the Head Teacher of his primary school to listen out for what my son was saying about us - in other words - investigating us!!! We did not know anything about this until the other day, these records are something you have no control over and they seem to have a license to write whatever they want never letting the truth get in the way of a good story....

This is just a warning to those of you who may be thinking of approaching Social Services for help - do so with extreme caution - it could be turned onto you.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Gone for good

Well one full care order imposed.

This was imposed as a result of the conviction against my husband. The conviction that was attained by one friendly DC policeman who managed to completely re-write his own version of events for a do not disclose case summary and also change what my husband told him in his interview in the transcripts - obviously he liked his own version better. One thing I wonder do they get a bonus for each conviction?

With a bit of a battle and a long court case (well for me it was), I managed to get most of the other accusations against us quashed - apart from my most heinous crime to date in this mess - not agreeing with social services or working with them - since November last year.

I fail to see why I should work with people who refuse to acknowledge the truth of the situation. So in the words of a not missed social worker 'bring it all on' - I accept your challange and I will.

So it looks like a few more court appearances for social services et al., I will not give up and I may have lost a battle but they have not won the war.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

'Where did you slap him?'

In April last year this was the question that was put to my husband:

'Where did you slap him?'

Now, would you like to hear the actual answer my husband gave in the taped interview, or would you like to hear the version that was transcribed by this policeman? What is even more interesting is that the version that was transcribed by the policeman, was a material fact mentioned several times by the judge when she found him guilty in September 2008.

Compare the below answers:

My husband: 'mainly his elbows'

Mr. Policeman: 'I moved his elbows'

You would be forgiven if you did not immediately spot the importance - we didn't until recently.

Mind you we did rather stupidly assume the following:

  • A policeman would not make errors. I'm not talking just this one error, there are in fact 4 in total.
  • The prosecution would check the evidence they offer to the Court.
  • Your defence lawyer would check the case against you and even find the time to listen to your taped interview and check it with the transcripts, seeing as we paid her £1200.00 out of fees of £24,000.00 (yes legal aid).

You see the version of Mr Incompetent Policeman, was just what they needed to find my husband guilty of 'child abuse' as it indicated a deliberate attempt to get to his head and deliver several blows to his head - as the judge stated. When all my husband had said was 'mainly his elbows'. Doesn't really have the same mental imagery does it?

Of course on the face of it is unlikely that that any policeman, prosecutor and defence lawyer would collaborate together to simply ‘invent’ a scenario which would ensure that my husband was found guilty, to cover up the gross incompetence of 'come in no. 1 you're sacked' when she removed two of my children from my care on a false allegation (recently admitted in court). Some scenario involving confusion on their part or the mixing up of notes from two separate cases might explain matters..........

Saturday, 25 July 2009

NSPCC in Jersey

A short while ago the Jersey Evening Post reported about the high cost to the Island of bringing over Guardian's from the NSPCC in the UK. It reported that there was one case. There are currently 3 cases that I know of using the NSPCC. They are bringing over these people to act as Guardian Ad Litems. This is a term used for the representation of a child in Court Proceedings by a Guardian who then also has to have local council. They are there supposedly employed to act on the behalf of the child in their best interests. Their role is ended on the conclusion of proceedings. These Guardian Ad Litems are not to be confused with the role of a Guardian who has care and control of a child.

One question is why are we not using local staff to fulfill this position, we have social workers here, and that is the profession of these guardians. Why are we importing these people at great cost to the tax payer. I can total approximately 20 visits I know of, just how much does a visit cost?

I also want to know why we are using these Guardians who operate with knowledge of UK law and not Jersey Law, and are therefore not from the same jurisdiction. How can a person from England claim after a couple of hours with a child and maybe the odd phonecall, that they know what is in their best interests?

The Guardian we have had the pleasure of a brief aquaintance with has not conveyed my son's wishes. In fact I have a copy of email correspondence in which the person writing the email states that all the 'guardian' wants to do is discredit me in Court.

The function of a Guardian Ad Litem in many cases in simply a sham, a device used to prevent the Court hearing the true wishes of the child.

If you are ever unfortunate to be in the position that you wish your child to attend court in care proceedings, below is a draft letter you can use, it would be up to you if you decided to appeal when your request is turned down as the opposing parties will object to this:


I wish my child to come to court to testify. Children suffer far more from a perhaps permanent separation from their families than from a few hours in court. Children who WANT to come to court to tell the truth will suffer far more from being forcibly prevented from doing this than from being allowed to do so. There cannot be a fair hearing if my principal witnesses are prevented from giving evidence, and therefore I shall appeal if this happens on the grounds that my human rights have been infringed.

Convention on the Rights of the Child
Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989
entry into force 2 September 1990, in accordance with article 49
Article 12 of the United Nations convention on children's rights gives a parent the legal right to call their children in judicial proceedings as quoted below.

Article 12 (child's right to participate in decision making)
1. Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child.
2. For this purpose, the child shall in particular be provided the opportunity to be heard in any judicial and administrative proceedings affecting the child, either directly, or through a representative or an appropriate body, in a manner consistent with the procedural rules of national law.

Any claim that this clause is satisfied by the appointment of a "guardian" or "independent solicitor" to represent the children's views by stating in court an opinion diametrically opposed to that of the children concerned should be exposed; this is simply a device to keep the children's true opinions and desires from reaching the court and as such a clear breach of the spirit of the convention.

In Mabon v. Mabon [2005] 2 FLR 1011, the Court of Appeal considered Rule 9.2A and the older line of authorities in the light of Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989, and Article 8 of the ECHR. The court acknowledged the greater appreciation and weight which must now be attached to the child’s autonomy and consequential right to participate fully in the decision-making process that fundamentally affects his life. It held that
"in the case of articulate teenagers…. the right to freedom of expression and participation outweighed the paternalistic judgment of welfare."[paragraph 28].
However, if direct participation would lead to a risk of harm that the child was incapable of comprehending, then a judge could find that sufficient understanding had not been demonstrated. Judges must equally be alive to the risk of emotional harm that might arise from denying the child knowledge of and participation in the continuing proceedings [para.29].

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Why exactly was my husband in court?

Historical abuse claims: ‘Some unsuitable for court’
By Diane Simon

Attorney-General William Bailhache
A SIGNIFICANT number of complaints in the historical child abuse inquiry were unsuitable for the criminal courts, the Attorney General has said.
Those complaints, which at some stage were said by the police to be more than 100, included those of being made to take cold showers, being clipped around the ear, slapped about the head and flicked with a wet towel.
Commenting in his annual review, William Bailhache – who will be sworn in as the new Deputy Bailiff later this year – has said that those type of complaints were far divorced from the public’s perception of the nature of this inquiry.
Mr Bailhache has also said that some of the disagreements about the inquiry which occurred last year between law officers and Crown lawyers and the senior police officers running the inquiry were probably a result of some of those police officers losing their objectivity and perhaps being unfortunately willing to believe theories not rooted in fact.
He stated that while there had been some complaints of serious offences committed, the historical child abuse investigation had covered an enormous amount of ground and possibly gone wider than first intended.
Article posted on 25th June, 2009 - 2.58pm

This is the shortened version of the interview.......

Friday, 3 July 2009

Saturday 4th July 2009



12.00 NOON


Please come along and show your support.

At some point in all of our lives you have to stand up for what is right.

Have courage and stand up for what you believe in.

See you there!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

What's the Difference?

In a email recently i asked a social worker if the department runs using double standards. Unfortunately this point was never actually directly answered but the content of the response to my email did reveal the answer inadvertently.

Spot the Difference!

One email from me, asking them to investigate two assaults on a child, one by a social worker, one by an approved carer. The same child was involved in both cases and both allegations have similar 'proof', ie I had informed them of two incidents by email, in the same email. Now naturally you would assume that they would investigate the matter which may actually involve talking to the child but no here is their solution:

Case 1: Please can you fill in this complaints form?

Case 2: Make a police complaint.

Now I am sorry but there's no prizes for guessing, case 1 was indeed the social worker, clearly preventing any criminal charges being brought against them and protecting them from the law.

Now this highlighs the double standards that the department use, even if she did not answer the question directly.

Running a department in a manner that protects employees from criminal charges is plainly wrong, and yes I do have the correspondence to back up what I say!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Just a few thoughts....

I find it quite disusting that the AG has come to the decision of not prosecuting certain individuals for child abuse with many statements made against them, he managed to prosecute my husband on one inconsistent statement made against him, with my husband frankly making a statement of what happened. Or was that his mistake of not going 'no comment' or even more possibly an attempt to cover up the illegal actions of a States employee?

Two children were unlawfully removed from my care, one I was told because he was a witness. I said at the time he could not be a witness as he was in the bath at the time. I was disbelieved. I have just received an email stating I can not have access to what he said at the time as he did not witness anything!

It does make me wonder of just how much this is costing for these unnecessary so called professionals who are purely there not to establish truth but to work against you to prove some justification of their actions. It gets tough but I still have some hope that our family will be re-united. If you know of anyone having similar experiances please advise them carefully of giving consideration to representing themselves, you just have to ignore the tutting and sighs as you speak and tell the truth. Even with prison being offered as a punishment for non-compliance, you have to stand up for what you believe in.

I am toying with the idea of perhaps starting up a group (or perhaps a solo act) to help anyone who is having problems with the way the system works. I quite like the name FACT -Families Against Child Trauma. If you would have seen the results of what they did to my little boy the 'alledged' witness you would understand the name. I have a little notebook where he wrote how he would die without his brother.

Monday, 11 May 2009


Lets go back to what this charade began with and it was my husband giving my son a couple of smacks with an open hand around the side of his head as a result of the unacceptable behaviour of my son. My son had racially abused a young girl, spat in her face and was hitting her and pulled her jacket away from her and threw it on some scaffolding.

This type of punishment (a smack) is rarely used by us (and not something I personally condone), however in extreme circumstances it can prove to be the shock needed to curbe the offending behaviour and quite frankly my son's behaviour was offensive and illegal. The punishment he received must have served as a shock to my son (not really ever having a smack before) to go running around school the next day saying he had been beaten up.

Now as a defence my husband used the defence of reasonable corporal punishment. It failed, so below I have reproduced article 79 of the 2002 Children's Law (Jersey). This explains the limitation of the use of this defence:

79 Limitation of defence of reasonable corporal punishment
(1) Any defence of reasonable corporal punishment of a child shall only be available to a person who was at the time of the punishment –
(a) a person with parental responsibility for the child; or
(b) a person without parental responsibility for the child who –
(i) is the father or relative of the child;
(ii) had care of the child; and
(iii) had the consent of a person with parental responsibility for the child to administer such punishment.
(2) Any defence of reasonable corporal punishment of a child shall not be available if the punishment involved any means other than the use of a hand.

Bearing this in mind, it really does make me wonder if his lawyer knew the law. Maybe if we could have afforded a lawyer who was actually going to represent my husband, perhaps the outcome would have been different.

My current stance remains the result of needing the recognition of what actually happened, and the fact all that happened was just a couple of smacks, nothing more nothing less. We don't need any 'help' from them. Unless this happens, as my mum says, and I agree, my son would have my husband over a barrel and what do we do live on egg shells waiting for the next time he does something like this? What would the SS do then? I will not put my family in that position, I love them all too much.

The one question remaining with me is does my husband's actions justify the way we have been villified by Social Services?

Monday, 4 May 2009

Hitting the Jackpot!

For many months I have wondered why they have been able to take a selected few of my children away from me, well I think I have hit the jackpot I have found the only one thing in writing from an initial assessment. It states that I said that I would not take anyones side until I had heard both sides, for this reason and this reason only, come in No 1, you're sacked states because of this I would be unable to protect the children (only a couple of them though the rest were fine).

Now here is the thing, they have had a quick 'chat' with my son and raided my home like the Gestapo, asked my husband to do the infamous 'step outside' as they also did not have a warrent for his arrest or infact any care orders legally allowing them to remove my children from my care and have the cheek to insinuate that they now know my son and husband better than me. Well no they don't. I know their faults and strengths, I know who to trust and believe, I know when my son embelishes the truth, he has a little give away in his eyes most times and on occasion it is almost impossible to tell unless you know something 100% and even then I have got to give it to him, he's good. Luckily he also quickly forgets what comes out of his mouth so if you wait a day or so a clearer picture comes out. The initial my step dad's beaten me up and kicked me in the head (What my husband was arrested for in black and white) changed dramatically by the next day where no kicking in the head was mentioned. At one point my son says I watched everything then he says I did not see anything. However my husband's lawyer told him we could not interogate him as to whether he was telling the truth as the judge wouldn't accept it. I was not allowed to give evidence to get to the truth of the matter. They stated my son was at risk of intimidation. Well if you can call wanting to let him know that this is no joking matter and to tell the truth about what happened intimidating, then blow me, what's the point of a justice system if you do not want the truth.

There should come a point when common sense kicks in with a Social Worker, like on the second day, when his story had changed - they should have thought, hold on a minute we may have got this wrong.

However they had probably just gone too far in the destruction of my family to admit this. An interesting thing I found out recently was who would have given the go ahead at education for the removal of my children with a particular surname, and I would add it was who I thought it was. I just need it in writing now........

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Silent Peaceful March.

Silent Peaceful March

On April the 25th 2009 at 12 noon there is to be a silent and peaceful march from Peoples Park to the Royal Square. The march will be in support and acknowledgement of victims of child abuse past and present across the world.

On October the 21st 1996 up to 300,000 Belgian citizens took to the streets wearing white ribbons and arm bands as a symbol of hope which became known as “The White March”. It was not only a march for hope but also a silent peaceful protest against their governments handling of the of the Marc Dutroux case which bears many similarity’s, not only to the way our government has handled the child abuse scandal that has hit Jersey, but the way child abuse is handled by some governments across the world.

We would like the Jersey White March to be non political or critical of our government or police investigation. We believe it will be an opportunity to show abuse survivors and the rest of the world that the good people of Jersey do not condone abuse of any human being - child or otherwise. Abuse survivors, across the globe, have had theirs and their family’s lives torn apart, wrecked, and destroyed, not only by the heinous abuse they have suffered at the hands of their abusers but the wall of silence that inevitably surrounds the taboo subject of paedophilia and child abuse.

This March has the support of the Care Leavers Association (CLA) and the Jersey Care Leavers Association (JCLA) Please give this march and all abuse survivors your support and show the world the good people of Jersey DO care. We would ask if you are able to attend the march that you wear something white, a symbol of “hope”If you are a Blogger and support abuse victims around the world, please copy and paste this onto your Blog until the day of the march, SATURDAY 25th OF APRIL 2009 12.p.m.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My log 14th April - 16th April 2008

Monday 14th April

Was told when I see **** it would have to be supervised. Not allowed to see him on my own.
16.30 **** attended my home, gave me the ‘initial assessment reports’ on (3 of my children – not the other 2).

Upon reading these reports a number of mistakes have been noticed.

Initial assessment totally irrelevant as it does not address the issue and appears to be centered around myself.
Wrong children’s name, ages etc.

Tuesday 15th April

No contact from Social Services.
Allowed two hours unsupervised contact with my husband and (4 children) and myself. Had permission from social worker to go out to dinner altogether.

Saw my kidnapped son round the back of home from the kitchen window at about 18.15 then he came round to the front door. He wanted to be able to come in but I had to tell him that I could not speak to him and that he could not come in as I had been told that I could not see him unsupervised. He left the house visibly upset as was the whole family.

Returning from ‘dinner’ all the children were inconsolable from having to leave their dad who could not come home with them due to his bail conditions. This is happening on a daily basis and is having an extremely detrimental effect on the whole family unit. I hope the Social Services can justify their draconian actions which will in my opinion have far reaching consequences into the future.

Complaint to manager **** at social services from my mother about the treatment of myself by the social services in my advanced state of pregnancy. My mother was left with the impression that they could not care less.

Wednesday 16th April

10.00 Doctor’s appointment. To check on my health and the health of my unborn child as a result of the extreme stress that I have been put under by the social services.

Dr **** phoned me back to explain his conversation that had taken place with (come in No 1, you’re sacked). I took notes from the phone call:-

My doctor’s first words to me were ‘I see what you are up against’. That he felt no empathy from her, she is on a mission and had nothing positive to say about my husband and I. He tried to tell her that he believed that the children were at no risk from us however she told him that she felt that there was a very important issue to investigate. He tried to discuss the situation with her but he did not get anywhere. He said I needed to have my husband home as in my advanced state of pregnancy I needed support. He was told ‘her daughter can help her‘, to which Doctor **** replied ‘a 15 year old is hardly any help and why should she take on the role of a parent’.

‘Come in No 1, you’re sacked’ totally dismissed the offer of a social and medical report on our family by Dr ****.

This whole experience leaves you feeling like you could actually get a response from a brick wall, in fact a conversation, and also complete the task of getting blood out of a stone in comparison to getting an ounce of common sense out of a social worker, perhaps they should also get a diploma in listening skills, it should be part of their job, unfortunately it isn't.

Well over a year on and nothing has improved in that department, just have their bizarre behaviour escalating. They have this excellent technique they currently use - they send you letters saying you are not co-operating with them, you reply asking questions, they totally ignore your correspondance, write you another letter saying exactly the same as the other, and so it carries on...... I can only assume they only pop their letters in the file to look good and lose mine, so I' ve even started emailing as well, still the same.

A few posts ago I mentioned the costs so far - a little update on that one - a couple of days after the post, we had a letter from one incompetent law firm, stating that even though they did not agree with us they were dropping around £750.00 off the bill. So I'll raise a toast for incompetence - the fantastic legal aid system!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Emails to and from James Reed

As you will see from the email exchange below, James Reed has no wish to reassure parents that their children are in safe hands. Also note that he is unable to answer the last question which was - how come the national press can answer questions that he can't, or won't?

-----Original Message-----
Sent: 15 March 2009 00:59
To: James Reed
Subject: Question

Dear James Reed,

Please could you read the following two extracts and explain to me why you have been unable to answer a fellow States Member truthfully?

Quote from Voice for Children blog - 14th March 2009:

Deputy M. Tadier of St Brelade will ask the following question of the Minister for Education, Sport and Culture-

“Can the Minister inform the Assembly whether any senior officers in the Education, Sport and Culture Department are subject to Police investigations pertaining to child abuse and, if so, whether such investigations have been terminated?”

The question never got asked in the States due to question time running over. However Deputy James Reed submitted a written "answer" and here it is!

SirAt present I am unable to either confirm or deny whether I have received or am aware of any disclosures pertaining to any police investigations in relation to any employees at Education Sport and Culture.Police investigations are confidential until such time as a decision is made whether or not to charge an individual. In certain circumstances the Police may decide it is appropriate to make a disclosure to an employer about an investigation however such a disclosure is classed as confidential and the employer would not be able to disclose this information to another party.As a result of the above, I am unable to comment further on this matter.

Quote from article in the Guardian newspaper 14th March 2009:

Like Krichefski, Tilbrook was dead, as were others accused, including Jim Thomson, the superintendent of Haut de la Garenne in 1979, who was repeatedly accused of abuse. It was the living that presented Harper's team with the knottiest problems. The list of those who had worked at the homes included the serving education director, Tom McKeon, and his deputy, Mario Lundy. Both were interviewed by police earlier this year; both vigorously deny any wrongdoing.

I look forward to your prompt reply.
Yours Faithfully,

Subject: RE: Question
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 13:45:33 +0000

Dear I refute any such suggestion that I didn't answer the question truthfully and would like to know how you have come to conclude otherwise. My answer was as clear and unabiguous as possible and I stand by every word. yours James.

James Reed Deputy of St. Ouen Minister of Education, Sport & Culture direct dial: +44 (0)1534 449437 email:

Subject: RE: Question
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 00:14:47 +0000

Dear James Reed,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Could you please then explain why, if this information is confidential, the Guardian (readership 1.2 million) named the education director? Surely the Newspaper's lawyers would have checked the legalities? I have four children in the education system and i am becoming increasingly concerned with this lack of transparency. Myself and the many thousands of ordinary Jersey residents deserve better than this, as do our children. In light of the information now being in the public domain, i ask you, are any senior officers in the education, sport, and culture department subject to police investigations pertaining to child abuse?

Yours Faithfully,

Subject: FW: Question
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 01:41:31 +0000

Dear James Reed, It is now a week since I emailed you last, unfortunately it appears you may have accidentally lost it, so I have forwarded it to you below. It is a simple answer that is required. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Sent: 01 April 2009 23:53
To: James Reed
Subject: FW: Question

Dear Deputy James Reed,
I would like to draw your attention to the following extract from the States of Jersey code of conduct guidelines, and once again ask you for an answer to my question.

Yours Faithfully

5 Maintaining the integrity of the States

Elected members should at all times conduct themselves in a manner which will tend to maintain and strengthen the public’s trust and confidence in the integrity of the States of Jersey and shall endeavour, in the course of their public and private conduct, not to act in a manner which would bring the States, or its Members generally, into disrepute.

Elected members should at all times treat other members of the States, officers, and members of the public with respect and courtesy and without malice, notwithstanding the disagreements on issues and policy which are a normal part of the political process.

Subject: RE: Question
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 17:43:17 +0100

I have nothing further to add to my original response which I have copied below. yours James Reed.

SirAt present I am unable to either confirm or deny whether I have received or am aware of any disclosures pertaining to any police investigations in relation to any employees at Education Sport and Culture.Police investigations are confidential until such time as a decision is made whether or not to charge an individual. In certain circumstances the Police may decide it is appropriate to make a disclosure to an employer about an investigation however such a disclosure is classed as confidential and the employer would not be able to disclose this information to another party.As a result of the above, I am unable to comment further on this matter.

Now is it me or do we as citizens of Jersey have to turn to English newspaper for answers? I could give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe he has not got any idea of what is going on, but then he is the Minister of Education and should know who is working for him that may pose a real danger to our children.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Happy Anniversary

It is without celebration that this day passes. A year ago tonight was when Social Services invaded our lives, not to help but to destroy a family. A year ago tonight somebody somewhere decided that I was not allowed to look after two of my sons, without even the courtesy of a visit to my home. No-one has admitted who made this decision, does anyone care? One week it took to be allowed to have one son back home, my other son has been earmarked for a full care order. We have always wanted him home, it was not my choice for him to be taken away in the first place - I have begged and pleaded for him to be returned home from day one.

A year on and all they have done is fractured the family to a point that it is accepted that he will never be 'our' son again, get his school stuff together, get up in the morning, take him to cubs, youth club, swimming, kissing him goodnight, you know the normal day to day things. There was a point last year when I was sorting through some of his books, when I just sat there looking at them, thinking he's gone. It was a point I imagine similar to grieving after a bereavement, a realisation that he is gone and whatever happens now the child we knew has become older, and less compliant as a result of being allowed to grow up too fast by the lack of care he is now being given. We will never have that time back and I look forward to the day that they will have to justify to my son why they destroyed a 'mother-son' relationship, and would not let him return home to a family that wants him.

Perhaps they are now going to use the same phrase as with Karen Huchet, 'an irretrievable breakdown in relationships' as the excuse for their quest of power over my son. As I have said previously, they do have targets to reach to make sure that their jobs are safe for life, forget the children.

Incidently which in fact makes all the more bizarre the advocate has actually stood up in Court and has said to the judge that it is correct I have done nothing wrong. So therefore it must be official that Social Services can in fact take your children unlawfully, keep them away from you, refuse to let you see them (unless it's under their terms, which again I've tried, but each time the arrangement has been stopped by social services - phonecalls etc) and eventually never plan to return them home. I have in writing that they do not plan to return him home........ ever.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Busy getting nowhere........

Below is my last letter that was sent to the Law Officer who is representing Health and Social Services.

11th January 2009.

Dear ****,

I want an immediate and truthful response to these questions by yourself and the evidence to support your reply.

* Why have you not answered any of my questions in my correspondence to date?
* Who authorised the removal of my children from school on the 3rd April 2008?
* Who authorised the refusal of returning my children to me when I had done nothing wrong?
* Why has no-one addressed the conflicting statement of my son where it can be shown he lied initially saying he had been kicked in the head, also making false allegations of which there is no proof - 3 years of physical abuse?
* Why the illegal actions of **** (social worker) have not been addressed?
* Could you tell me exactly why my mother, their maternal grandmother, was assessed as inappropriate and by whom? Was this a unilateral decision or was a meeting held, or did anyone speak to her or visit her or assess her? On the evening of the 3rd April, (come in No 1 you’re sacked) had left me saying that the children would be staying at my mother’s house for that night.
* Can you also explain why **** was kept from the family home for a week when his interview took place the next day (Friday 4th April 2008), and why when he packed his bag to leave the **** on Saturday 5th April (because he wanted to come home to mummy and daddy), when (carer) phoned Social Services and spoke to the duty officer was she told *** was not to leave and that the situation was no concern of hers? In fact I was also told that I was not allowed any contact with **** or **** during this period. After **** had returned home I had to turn **** away from the house one evening as I was told by (come in No 1, you’re sacked) that I was not allowed to see or talk to him, an event that left the whole family extremely upset.
* Request of the copy of court order to remove **** and **** from their home.
* Request for the minutes of the meeting between Social Service and the PPU.
* Request viewing of ****’s video interview.
* An answer to why my mother was viewed as abusive and who made that decision.
* An answer to why **** was not returned home before the 23rd April.
* An answer to why **** was not returned home until the 10th April.
* Where an agreement exists between myself and the (carers)?
* Why the children were not returned to me within the legally stipulated time of 72 hours in the absence of a Court Order?
* Who forged the letter that was supposedly written by son **** and placed before the Court as an exhibit?
* Why is my son placed with unregistered carers in contravention to the Children (Placement) (Jersey) Regulations 2005?
* A number of major complaints have not been addressed or clarified to me after numerous written requests, i.e. how can a minor direct a Court of Law in Jersey to be able to impose bail conditions on an adult?
* Why you have actively conspired with (Advocate) to breach the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005 to obtain information about myself which you are not entitled to?

I look forward to a prompt reply inclusive of all the answers to my questions.

Around 6 weeks it took for a short reply.

The reply consisted of:

I'm sorry I can not answer your questions.

But I can tell you:

Your husband was charged and found guilty. ( like i did not know! )

The Data Protection Office are dealing with your complaint. (This is ongoing, but I may post about it soon)

So there it is I have the heads of Departments challenging me to address my complaints via a legal channel, and the legal route saying they can not answer my questions. So where is a person supposed to go from here.......?

    Saturday, 7 March 2009

    Bullies In Cyberspace - my reply, just in case he visits!

    From Senator Jim Perchard.

    WE live in an internet age. Communicating to people around the world is a matter of a few clicks of the mouse.
    However, if you look at this internet age from a different point of view, you will realise that it has in fact bred some illegal and unethical practices.
    While some use the internet for gaining information, others use it for destruction of sensitive data, or for demeaning and abusing individuals or organisations. While some use the web as a communication platform, others use it for and derive pleasure from intruding in the internet privacy of individuals and seek enjoyment from cyber-bullying.
    Cyber-bullying and internet abuse is a growing and serious concern. The remoteness, even anonymity, provided by the internet encourages many users to behave with a boldness they would not otherwise display in any face-to-face encounters.
    It is widely claimed that adult bullies are unable to cope with their own lives and problems and that they are easily intimidated and have strong feelings of jealousy and inadequacy.
    They are thought to be desperate to receive attention, which they probably don’t receive at home or in relationships. I have noticed that they continually seek to discredit those in authority, particularly those who are influential, knowledgeable, capable and successful.
    Even though many of them will understand when they have behaved wrongly, they still wish to appear as though they are morally superior. Strangely, they insist that others have attacked them and that they are the victims. It seems to me that they seek to lead and manipulate an unsuspecting group of their virtual friends to bandwagon, or gang up on, a target and try to gain attention for themselves by any means possible, usually through humiliating their target.
    It is true that occasionally they can appear plausible, by introducing a cocktail of fact and fiction, but I am convinced that cyber-bullies are always vindictive and manipulative liars. They often, in an attempt to justify their behaviour, threaten their target with referral to a higher authority, eg the law, the UK Ministry of Justice, even the European courts, imagining that such authorities would be interested in the detail behind their vindictive tirade of abuse and bullying.
    It seems that they are unable to internalise their own behaviours and become angry and unreasonable if someone attempts to point out how they were wrong or how their behaviour was unacceptable.
    Cyber-bullies, like all bullies, will eventually prey on those closest to them in order to resist entering into permanent and lasting friendships. This is because they are mentally disturbed people who are incapable of having meaningful relationships. It is symptomatic that they find solace and power alone in their virtual world in front of their computer screens.
    We as a society are learning about cyber-bullying at great personal and emotional cost to the many victims and their families. I hope that it will not be long before we establish acceptable boundaries in respect of the rights to freedom of expression, balanced against the rights to security and privacy of the individual.
    I have given very careful consideration to the content of this letter, as I know it will provoke a hostile reaction in my direction, from cyber-bullies and internet abusers, those who believe it is their right to publish on the internet defamatory and hostile untruths about others. I for one am prepared to stand up to these bullies. I shall not be intimidated by them.Le Perchoir,Rue de la Vignette,St Martin.
    Article posted on 28th February, 2009 - 10.00am

    My Reply

    Dear Senator Perchard,

    As you are the Minister of Health and Social Services, may I respectively suggest that you address the problem of bullying in your own departments before trying to comment on the internet and cast psychological 'fortune teller' readings on users of the internet. Is it correct that there are only white consultants at the hospital here?

    I think if you take a look at one of your departments - Social Services - you will realise that it has in fact bred some illegal and unethical practices.
    I derive no pleasure from having to resort to 'blogging' to raise awareness of the illegal actions of States Departments. however you have left me no alternative. I have been bullied and intimidated by your department for months now. One conversation went 'well can't your husband find somewhere else to live then we'll give you your son back', I said 'sorry?', they repeated what they had said, I said ' are you joking? you do actually realise that I have 5 other children don't you? You want me to destroy the lives of the children and tell their father to leave home? I can't do that there's 5 children's lives to think about', and then they said 'it's OK the kids will bounce back', and my reply was 'well I'm sorry I can't talk to you anymore' and put the phone down. I had to, I was so upset at the time, just had a baby, and was sick of being intimidated.

    I have tried 'face-to-face' boldness, however your employees appear to be trained in the art of deafness and carry on reading from their script, oblivious to what I am saying.

    Apart from dealing with your departments, my life is fine thank you. My blog is based on fact, with my opinions and thoughts, and those of others through the comments. You would be amazed at the number of people who have contacted me privately - too scared to even post anonymously - now what does that tell you about Health and Social Services - you know the department that is supposed to help people - your department.

    Sorry to dissappoint you but I have no 'psychological defects', (even after all I have been through this last year), obviously because of having loving, permanent relationships with family and friends and generally being a happy well adjusted person.

    How can you be threatened with a higher authority such as the law, as you state? Is this your admission that your departments break the law? If you wish you are welcome to come and read my files - I'll show you all the highlights of my year.

    We as a society are learning to protect ourselves and help others gain information that has been denied us for too long in Jersey. I hope that it will not be long before we establish truth and justice.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Saturday, 28 February 2009

    A time for reflection.......

    Sometimes you need a little time to think things over, to do nothing, to say nothing .... just reflect on the situation. Believe me it does not get any clearer, there are now so many people who are involved, with not one being able to answer any questions with a direct answer (or infact anything that may be loosly described as an answer). A memorable one they other day was when i was told that given the situation that it was a little odd that i was questioning that they have broken the law.

    I have for some time now realised that they have no intention of letting my son return home as I will not play their game and tell them how wonderful they are in kidnapping my children from me, letting me get over the begging for them back stage (yes I'm afraid I'll have to admit to a bit of grovelling which got one home), however I'm not one who can do that forever, and after the damage they have caused us I will never back down now. My son will be nearly old enough to do as he pleases soon and I will wait for that time. I will not have a grossly incompetent department dictacting to my family what we can and can not do.

    I wish I could go into a bit more detail at the moment but I feel like I am at a bit of a crossroads at the moment but the long and the short of it is that complaining about a States department (employees) gets you nowhere - you complain up through the correct channels - you get nowhere - you go to the top and work your way down - you get nowhere - you complain in court - you get nowhere. You ask for questions to be answered - you get nowhere. I'm so busy getting nowhere - I'm loosing directions in Jersey!

    I now have around 8 files and copies elsewhere full of interesting conflicting information, scattered with outright lies which a few pages on can be disproved by the same people who wrote the lies - police, lawyers, social workers, and other so called professionals - absolutly amazing reading if you are ever bored. It's also becomming quite apparent that you can't work for the States without having some rediculous 'manager of some sort' title. I am amazed at the amount of these types of people in Health and Social Services - no wonder they can not run the department, they must have to go through at least ten line managers to answer something as no-one can make a decision for themselves there - unless of course it is to do with child snatching then they are off in their element as they have to damage a certain amount of children to keep them in life long jobs, and then they can pass them on as damaged adults to the prison or to some psychiatric unit. Where would they all be without these little children......?

    Tuesday, 10 February 2009

    Secondary schools fail both children and parents

    In primary schools parents are actively encouraged to take an interest in their child's education. The schools often involve parents in outings, special days etc where most teachers do actually spend some time getting to know a family.

    Where this changes is when they go to secondary school the door is slammed in your face. Your role as a parent is disregarded and is of low importance to them, they ignore your concerns and then have the cheek to get in touch when they have decided they have had enough.

    You know it really makes me wonder who the Director of Education is - perhaps he should start with teaching the teachers to listen to the parents.

    I have side lined a bit from the Social Services here but they are inter-linked. The reason for this is as a result of a phonecall made by mistake to me about my kidnapped son - yes they are still holding him to ransom, for almost a year now. I am still waiting for their justification of removing my son from my care - did I tell you that I have done nothing wrong? Most days words can not describe what I think of the situation.

    Anyway back to the phonecall, after realising he had the wrong number - I was probably the last person he wanted to speak to at the time - I found out my son had been suspended for a week for amongst other things, 'threatening to stab himself'. So I also got the chance to put him straight on a few things too. Er hello Social Services, does that not tell you he is desparately unhappy with his current situation. You have only yourselves to blame, he should be with his family.

    Well I ll end this one with the invitation we received to attend a 'looked after child review' - I beg to differ in the title - perhaps I'll attend once he is actually being looked after and is allowed home.

    Saturday, 24 January 2009

    Child who launches a violent racist attack on a young girl gets...........Rewarded!

    You see back in April, we knew something was wrong in the way they were working and that is why we kept a log. I puposely kept it to the main points, not much emotion (Court's do not do emotions - just facts), wrote down times of calls etc. My husband also kept one which I will post soon. An important thing I have also noticed is God help kids at the weekend - because as you see Social Services do not 'do' weekends. Kids and families' problems must end early Friday evening and they are not allowed to resume until Monday morning. That's so the SS can have a well deserved rest after breaking up a family - it's a tough job but someone has to do it - I mean we don't want to promote happy, normal family life, it's simply no good for our career. You can just picture it now - feet up, glass of wine, a lonely existence, hey but what the heck, a nice bonus for their target figures.

    Now back to the issue, not one person (except from us) has told my son his behaviour was disgraceful - in fact Social Services paid for him to go to a football club as a treat, now does that not send out mixed messages to an adolescent? So, instead of punishing him, were we supposed to say 'now, I loved the way you aimed your spit directly into her face, also you showed great multi-tasking skills as you hit her and at the same time called her a "f___ing muslim"', you know - the finding of good in everything they do? Well I'm sorry but I can't, I have nothing but disgust for his behaviour, it was inexcusable and not something he sees at home. So where is he learning this type of behaviour? - the only place that it can be is at school - so thank you for my son's new found skills they will get him far in life.

    Over the last few months I have noticed that the education system is just as bad at dealing with 'bad behaviour'. No wonder you have a minority of students attacking teachers, they have no discipline or respect. The times have long gone where a teacher was in charge and the pupil's followed and we as a society have allowed this to happen. Why do school's have anti-bullying policies when they fail to adhere to them? When a child is identified as a problem, address the matter immediately, don't look for excuses or come out with statement's such as he's bullying children more vulnerable than himself so that's OK.

    Monday, 19 January 2009

    My log 10th - 13th April 2008

    Thursday 10th April

    Told I could have *** for the day. First thing I did was put him in the bath and take him out of the filthy clothes he was in. So much for Social Services!!
    During the day *** asked me if he was allowed to stay forever, one can only imagine what nonsense they’ve been filling his head with.

    Phone call from *** to ask *** if he wanted to stay to which he replied yes. He passed the phone to me and she told me ’you have one happy boy there’. I beg to differ, the shear arrogance of the social services defies belief.

    *** came up around 18.30 and I tried to explain some of the difficulties that we have experienced regarding ***’s behaviour to the extent that we were in the process of seeking professional advice to which she showed absolutely no interest in what so ever.

    Friday 11th April

    10.05 message from *** to contact her (on home phone number)
    10.15 call on mobile, I was told my husband could not have contact with children over the weekend, no reason given.
    11.05 *** phoned to say my husband could have unsupervised access to the children over the weekend. Are they trying to play mind games with us?
    17.42 phone call to say she was coming up for a quick chat.
    *** came up around 18.10 stayed until 19.30 for a ‘chat’.

    Saturday 12th April

    No contact was made by social services.
    2 hour unsupervised access for my husband with *** and *** at my mothers house.

    Sunday 13th April

    No contact was made by social services.
    2 hour unsupervised access for my husband with *** and *** at my mothers house.

    Saturday, 17 January 2009

    An email from Ian Josephs


    Do PLEASE remember the golden rules: (By all means print this off and keep the copy near at hand if SS approach! Show these rules to your lawyer or social worker to prove that you KNOW your rights!)


    1: NEVER contact social services (child protection) for help or advice. Usually you should not report a partner who batters you or even a stranger who sexually assaults your young child, as if you do the SS will as often as not take your children into care (and later for adoption) to "protect them" from risk! If they have your children and you are fighting to get them back, NEVER NEVER tell social workers how you think you are going to defeat them, or what you are going to do next!Remember, without mentioning it to "them", that even if your children are "in care" social workers do not have the legal power to stop your children going to a call box to phone you,from going to any public library and emailing you, or even meeting you for a meal as long as they return "home" to the fosterers afterwards!

    Care home girl abused by 25 men in 2 years

    Source: Daily Mail Published: 27th August 2006
    A 14-year-old girl placed in a council children's home was prostituted to a group of depraved middle-aged men because staff were powerless to stop her going out. The horrific story of 'Becky' is highlighted in a BBC programme presented by Fiona Bruce this week which reveals how she was sexually abused by 25 men over two years - despite being known to social services and having been placed on the Child Protection Register.
    Even when she was put in a children's home - six months after her earliest allegations of abuse -staff allowed her to be used as a prostitute for fear their intervention might infringe her human rights. If the "SS" cannot prevent a young girl in their care from working as a prostitute then surely they cannot prevent other young people they "care for" from spending the day with parents if they so choose!Remember also that children of school age have a break so you can call them and speak to them through the railings without trespassing and nobody can stop you except a judge by serving a court injunction on you that will be too late to stop you reminding your children of their real family !

    2: Never believe a word "they" say and always insist they put their promises down in writing. Always be pleasant and polite to social workers,but never forget they are your ENEMIES ! Remember that they may deliberately try to provoke you into shouting or violence that they will exaggerate in court leaving you with a criminal record and no children! When they shout at you forget your "pride" and look very hurt saying "why are you being like this to me?" or "I thought you were so nice until now, please don't bully me!" Be very respectful "tongue in cheek", but remember THEY ARE NOT POLICE so never follow their "helpful advice" especially if they say your only chance of getting your children back is to split from a partner, or parent you love and respect! They will try and turn you against each other as the "divide and rule" principle makes sure you are confused and demoralised when you lose your case and your children too! Quite often they arrange deliberately awkward contact times with your children. This can result first in the loss of your job and then as a consequence of that, your accommodation also. Object firmly and forcefully in court to their plans and fight hard to keep your job and your house or appartment.

    3: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER sign any documents they present to you, even if they say "you have to!" Social Workers rely on BLUFF. In reality they have NO POWER and no right to threaten you or give you orders of any kind! Only a COURT via an order from a judge can give you orders, and you always have the opportunity to contest those orders in court either before or after they are given to you. No matter what threats,or promises they make, you can be 100% sure that if you get intimidated into signing they will break their word and expect you to keep your's! So, DO NOT SIGN! Answer "yes", "no" or "I don't know" to questions WITHOUT further explanations that could be twisted to be used against you! If the "SS" do not have enough evidence against you do not "cooperate" by supplying them with what they need even if they threaten you.If your enemies run out of ammunition ,do NOT send them over a box of bullets to help them out ! Once the SS have applied for a care order remember their main object is NOT the welfare of the child ,it is to WIN their case against you ! Disregard any threats that you must "do as they tell you ". Be polite and even apologetic when you refuse to obey them !

    4: Never, never agree to let your children go into foster care (especially if they say it is TEMPORARY OR VOLUNTARY) Never "agree" the thresholds even if you are advised that this will ensure the return of your children, because if you do you will have admitted neglecting or abusing your child and the only question left will be to decide if you have really repented and are capable of "change"! Usually the answer is no! Sometimes your own lawyer may tell you to agree the thresholds and/or agree to an interim care order otherwise "you will never see your children again! "That is a wicked lie designed to save the lawyers work and to help you LOSE your children! Sometimes lawyers will tell you there is no need for you to give evidence as they will speak for you; that way you may find you have lost your children very quickly without being allowed to say a word, so BEWARE!Most of the "legal aid lawyers" in the family courts are rightly known in the trade as "PROFESSIONAL LOSERS"!! Many of them pretend to work for you when in fact they are really on the side of the Local Authority. Sack your lawyers and represent yourself if they will not let you speak! Never admit to social workers (who are your ENEMIES) that you have been at fault in even the smallest possible way,(they certainly will never admit to you that they were ever at fault!). You must never lie in court, but you should never never admit to any fault on your part unless forced to do so by a direct "yes or no" type question in court. You must never disobey a court order by taking abroad a child already in care, but if you are pregnant and threatened neither a court nor the "SS" can stop you leaving the country before the baby is born! Sweden and Ireland are good choices!

    5: When possible refuse to be assessed by so called "experts, "(psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists, counsellors, professionals, and the like) unless your children are returned first as otherwise the process will take place in an artificial atmosphere with you as parents emotionally distressed because your children have been taken. Remember that if the "SS" insist on these assessments their sole purpose is to gather sufficient evidence to help them win their case against you in court!If you talk a lot and do not listen to them they will say you have mental problems or "PERSONALITY DISORDERS",so be "quiet and attentive" during assessments. Try not to answer questions with more than 5 or 6 words (they write down anything unhelpful you may let slip). Try indeed to answer "yes" or "no" whenever possible. NEVER COMPLAIN NEVER EXPLAIN! Complaints are a waste of time and divert you from the more important task of keeping or recovering your children. Never explain or elaborate when questioned as this only gives extra material to those who wish to discredit you. Never make angry personal attacks on anybody or threaten to sue the "SS" or police at a later date, as it just makes YOU sound bad.They may even seize on your resentment as an excuse to diagnose you with PARANOIA ! Your whole tone must be one of "sweetness and light" regretting that your children were mistakenly taken and that THEY (not you) suffered harm and anguish as a result! Your whole case must be that YOUR CHILDREN have suffered harm (not yourself) and that you are taking action for their sake not for your own! If you are accused of "being unable to work with the professionals", reply that you will work 100% with them if they say their objective is to reunite your family by eventually returning your children, but that it is unfair to expect you to work with anyone whose objective declared to the court is to put your children into care or worse still have them adopted!Remember that the SS often "brainwash" children in care by telling children in care that their mother is too ill to care for them or worse still does not love them or want them any more, but when they are adopted they will have a lovely new "for ever mummy and daddy"! Make sure you tell the children that wicked people have stolen them for money and that you will never stop fighting to get them back ! Whisper in their ears or calmly make the statement in spite of horrified supervisors Even children as young as 3 will remember all their lives such a brutal but necessary message. Vital however it is, as it will eventually make a stable adoption impossible to sustain !Your reluctantly adopted children will as a result seek you out and come back to you in the end !

    6: Protect yourself against social workers barging uninvited into your home by fitting a small chain inside your front door. This means that if you do not unlatch the chain when you see who is calling that person would have to push the door hard enough to break the chain which would be a "forced entry "and a criminal offence if committed without a document from the court such as a "recovery order" specifically allowing entry using reasonable force. Unless they intend to actually arrest someone or have good reason to believe someone in the house is in danger of severe physical harm, police also would have to have a warrant before breaking the chain. Usually they will not have one and would have to convince a judge that a serious crime had been or was about to be committed before one was granted.

    7: If social services request a look at your medical records (probably to try and find something to discredit you) ALWAYS write to any doctor or psychiatrist that has seen you as follows:

    "I respectfully request you to keep all my medical notes strictly confidential as I intend to take legal proceedings against social services and any other persons who might obtain my medical details without my express authorisation".

    8: Never write a letter to anyone connected to Social Services as you might include something that could damage your case in the family court. Only accept a solicitor if he/she promises to allow you a free hand to speak in court! You should be asked this simple question in the witness box "Have you anything you would like to say to the court?" Without this promise you may be "gagged" and as already explained in Rule 4 you can lose your case without being allowed to say a word!

    Represent yourself if you can, but if you really do need the assistance of "professionals" the following contacts can be useful!

    (If your cause is just these professionals really will be on your side not that of social services !)


    Sandra Bradley
    Bretherton Law
    First Floor
    Alban Row
    27-31 Verulam Road
    St Albans
    Herts AL3 4DG
    DX 6101 St Albans
    Tel. 01727 869293
    Fax. 01727 853767

    William Bache & Co
    (best for criminal cases in my opinion)
    The Clock Tower
    4 Oakridge Office Park
    SP5 3HT
    Tel +44 (0)1722 711719
    Fax +44 (0)1722 713370
    DX 46152 AMESBURY
    or use the form below to contact us direct
    Barrister DARREN WATTS
    Tel (0207) 431-5300

    Barrister ANDREW SCOTT
    described by "The Telegraph" as " the people's champion
    Parklane Plowden
    Tel: 0844 499 5678

    Barrister CAROL McMILLAN
    Westgate Chambers
    64 High Street
    East Sussex
    BN7 1XG
    Tel: 01273 480510

    Barrister Dr JOHN FOX
    Chambers of Ami Feder,
    Ground Floor,
    Lamb Building,
    London EC4Y 7AS
    DX 1038 (Chancery Lane)
    Tel: 020 7797 7788
    Fax: 020 7353 0535
    Out of hours tel: 07721 339232

    PSYCHOLOGIST: Dr LOWENSTEIN tel 02380692621 and website =

    Dr Peter Dale (parent assessor)
    Phone from UK: (01424) 424504
    Phone international: +44 1424 424504
    Fax: 08700 941 477

    Monday, 12 January 2009

    Group from Home for Girls 1959

    This was Miss Mac's group.

    This picture was taken in around 1959, just before the Home for Girls was closed down and they were transferred up to HDLG.

    My aunt is in this photo, if the records are not available for this era my mum can identify at least half of the girls in the photo.

    Friday, 9 January 2009

    What to expect to hear from your very own criminal legal aid lawyer

    Yes, the play on words in the title is intended!

    Well my husband who has never been in any sort of trouble with the police, told the truth in his statement - something that actual child abusers appear unable to do as I believe their standard answers are 'no comment'. My son was punished for his behaviour, that was all, he was not beaten up or assaulted, a fact that has evaded all proceedings to date.

    I read Senator Shenton's take on the legal aid system in the paper the other night with some ammusement. Now is there some concern out there that the peasants may be revolting? Are they thinking 'quick lets think of something to keep these minions under control, if too many stand up for themselves and speak the truth we've had it!'

    Here's some of the advice my husband received from his criminal lawyer:

    This case should not even be in court but you will be found guilty - she's taken to fortune telling as a sideline.

    You will be found guilty whatever you say - again the crystal ball is out.

    When pointing out the many inconsistencies and lies in my son's statement (ie one thing said then a few questions later a completely different answer to the same question) - told sorry we can not use that as we are not allowed to say he lied.

    Told accept to go guilty to a 'lesser' charge of assault, and told there is no point to have principles as he would be found guilty - read his tea leaves this time.

    Or was it something else, was she not really a fortune teller and was it a pre-arranged guilty verdict?

    I actually think it was the latter, I don't think she is in to fortune telling as she let it slip in her summing up, and I quote:

    'I ask the court to find the defendant GUILTY'.

    So much for a legal aid defence - a very big public thank you for your incompetence.

    Sunday, 4 January 2009

    My review of 2008

    Well a quick round up of what I have learnt from 2008:

    Never welcome a social worker into my house - I should have listened to my mother!

    Never to employ a lawyer again - financial cost of this farce to date is approximately £2500.00 and yes that is with the 'free legal aid system', quite a hefty bill for our family. I will do all the research I can to represent myself, at least I know the truth and I am on my side and I will not work with the opposition. I always knew this happened but I have proof of this when my lawyer, wrote some information down wrong, she had given me some papers which I later found this information written by the opposition! - no wonder she was so flustered about me correcting her - I thought it was odd at the time as I said well just change it.... obviously already too late!

    Always have in the back of your mind that your life can change in a moment, enjoy every second with your children, you may not have that chance tomorrow.

    Do not believe you will see justice in a court.

    Do believe that lies can be manufactured against you.

    Get everything in writing, document everything you can. Now this may sound a bit over the top, but if I could tell you all you would understand - keep an accident record book for your children at home - like they do at work - keep notes from school, such as 'they bumped their head today' - you never know when you may need it.

    Do expect to be told 'this is the way we do things in Jersey', obviously I have read the laws in reverse and what they they they should not do, they do.

    Never to think that getting to the truth of the matter is easy, especially when you are right and they are so very in the wrong - remember 'come in No 1 you're sacked'?

    Never think you are on your own - look for people that can help you. There's not many people in Jersey you can ask (actually I don't know anyone), but Jersey isn't the world and there is life outside the Island! Search the internet, a site I came across was by Ian Josephs, and as I read it, I was thinking how so very true his words are. Perhaps though as with many things in life you have to experience it to truly believe it, and by all accounts our situation is perhaps better than alot of peoples'. I would love to see a change in the system over here it does not work and they operate illegally. Perhaps somehow I will find a way to make a difference. I would like to see a truly independent body set up to act as an intermediary between the SS and families.

    On a lighter note I would like to wish everyone a 'Very Happy New Year', and I'll raise a toast to 'truth and justice'.