Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Secondary schools fail both children and parents

In primary schools parents are actively encouraged to take an interest in their child's education. The schools often involve parents in outings, special days etc where most teachers do actually spend some time getting to know a family.

Where this changes is when they go to secondary school the door is slammed in your face. Your role as a parent is disregarded and is of low importance to them, they ignore your concerns and then have the cheek to get in touch when they have decided they have had enough.

You know it really makes me wonder who the Director of Education is - perhaps he should start with teaching the teachers to listen to the parents.

I have side lined a bit from the Social Services here but they are inter-linked. The reason for this is as a result of a phonecall made by mistake to me about my kidnapped son - yes they are still holding him to ransom, for almost a year now. I am still waiting for their justification of removing my son from my care - did I tell you that I have done nothing wrong? Most days words can not describe what I think of the situation.

Anyway back to the phonecall, after realising he had the wrong number - I was probably the last person he wanted to speak to at the time - I found out my son had been suspended for a week for amongst other things, 'threatening to stab himself'. So I also got the chance to put him straight on a few things too. Er hello Social Services, does that not tell you he is desparately unhappy with his current situation. You have only yourselves to blame, he should be with his family.

Well I ll end this one with the invitation we received to attend a 'looked after child review' - I beg to differ in the title - perhaps I'll attend once he is actually being looked after and is allowed home.


voiceforchildren said...

One day.

It is my opinion the Education Department has been allowed to descend into a catastrophic shambles over a period of some years, along with H&SS and Home affairs.

The problem IMO is the ministers of these departments neither have the knowledge or balls to say or do anything about it and the civil servants have been able to run a mock with them.

Keep up your fight and keep speaking out, these shysters need exposing and our children need protecting, loving and "care"


Anonymous said...

One Day..... its not just secondary schools that disregard you and ignore your repeated concerns. Exacly this happened with my child.... at a private nursery....in Jersey.

Good luck - I really hope he comes home soon.

voiceforchildren said...

One Day.

Social workers plying their trade in London, thought might interest you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnUtqYmZEkE&feature=channel_page