Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Why exactly was my husband in court?

Historical abuse claims: ‘Some unsuitable for court’
By Diane Simon

Attorney-General William Bailhache
A SIGNIFICANT number of complaints in the historical child abuse inquiry were unsuitable for the criminal courts, the Attorney General has said.
Those complaints, which at some stage were said by the police to be more than 100, included those of being made to take cold showers, being clipped around the ear, slapped about the head and flicked with a wet towel.
Commenting in his annual review, William Bailhache – who will be sworn in as the new Deputy Bailiff later this year – has said that those type of complaints were far divorced from the public’s perception of the nature of this inquiry.
Mr Bailhache has also said that some of the disagreements about the inquiry which occurred last year between law officers and Crown lawyers and the senior police officers running the inquiry were probably a result of some of those police officers losing their objectivity and perhaps being unfortunately willing to believe theories not rooted in fact.
He stated that while there had been some complaints of serious offences committed, the historical child abuse investigation had covered an enormous amount of ground and possibly gone wider than first intended.
Article posted on 25th June, 2009 - 2.58pm

This is the shortened version of the interview.......


voiceforchildren said...

One day.

Have you read this?

One Day said...

Thank you voice for children! It really does make me mad reading these stories, and their have been a number of cases recently. It's hard to describe your feelings, you just wonder why certain social workers and the system as a whole is just so dangerously ludicrous. Believe me it is frightening the things they can do and you are powerless, but that is just the way they want you to be whilst kidnapping your children.

I will soon be able to let you know if my son will be kidnapped by the States for good, well until he is 18 at any rate.

I've not had much chance to write my blog at the moment, a bit busy legally! I will fill in the gaps soon!

voiceforchildren said...

One Day.

This is really worth a look.