Friday, 20 March 2009

Busy getting nowhere........

Below is my last letter that was sent to the Law Officer who is representing Health and Social Services.

11th January 2009.

Dear ****,

I want an immediate and truthful response to these questions by yourself and the evidence to support your reply.

* Why have you not answered any of my questions in my correspondence to date?
* Who authorised the removal of my children from school on the 3rd April 2008?
* Who authorised the refusal of returning my children to me when I had done nothing wrong?
* Why has no-one addressed the conflicting statement of my son where it can be shown he lied initially saying he had been kicked in the head, also making false allegations of which there is no proof - 3 years of physical abuse?
* Why the illegal actions of **** (social worker) have not been addressed?
* Could you tell me exactly why my mother, their maternal grandmother, was assessed as inappropriate and by whom? Was this a unilateral decision or was a meeting held, or did anyone speak to her or visit her or assess her? On the evening of the 3rd April, (come in No 1 you’re sacked) had left me saying that the children would be staying at my mother’s house for that night.
* Can you also explain why **** was kept from the family home for a week when his interview took place the next day (Friday 4th April 2008), and why when he packed his bag to leave the **** on Saturday 5th April (because he wanted to come home to mummy and daddy), when (carer) phoned Social Services and spoke to the duty officer was she told *** was not to leave and that the situation was no concern of hers? In fact I was also told that I was not allowed any contact with **** or **** during this period. After **** had returned home I had to turn **** away from the house one evening as I was told by (come in No 1, you’re sacked) that I was not allowed to see or talk to him, an event that left the whole family extremely upset.
* Request of the copy of court order to remove **** and **** from their home.
* Request for the minutes of the meeting between Social Service and the PPU.
* Request viewing of ****’s video interview.
* An answer to why my mother was viewed as abusive and who made that decision.
* An answer to why **** was not returned home before the 23rd April.
* An answer to why **** was not returned home until the 10th April.
* Where an agreement exists between myself and the (carers)?
* Why the children were not returned to me within the legally stipulated time of 72 hours in the absence of a Court Order?
* Who forged the letter that was supposedly written by son **** and placed before the Court as an exhibit?
* Why is my son placed with unregistered carers in contravention to the Children (Placement) (Jersey) Regulations 2005?
* A number of major complaints have not been addressed or clarified to me after numerous written requests, i.e. how can a minor direct a Court of Law in Jersey to be able to impose bail conditions on an adult?
* Why you have actively conspired with (Advocate) to breach the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005 to obtain information about myself which you are not entitled to?

I look forward to a prompt reply inclusive of all the answers to my questions.

Around 6 weeks it took for a short reply.

The reply consisted of:

I'm sorry I can not answer your questions.

But I can tell you:

Your husband was charged and found guilty. ( like i did not know! )

The Data Protection Office are dealing with your complaint. (This is ongoing, but I may post about it soon)

So there it is I have the heads of Departments challenging me to address my complaints via a legal channel, and the legal route saying they can not answer my questions. So where is a person supposed to go from here.......?


    Anonymous said...

    If I wasn't in a similar situation and knew of more like me, I would have thought both your experiences and that 2 lined reply to your questions, quite simply shocking and disrespectful. But I've come to realize that's just the way it goes over here.
    Jersey's institutions don't like writing down the truth or passing on the documents that you request via Jerseys data protection route. Its yet another system over here that victimizes people.
    Also, its a sad fact that when you read the social services leaflets the term 'client' is used, suggestive of a supportive service. However, the reality is that they can treat you very disrespectfully indeed. The truth is, far from helping you, your children and your family, the situation could possibly get a lot worse as a direct result of their policies and procedures. So much for a service, dis-service is often more accurate.

    voiceforchildren said...

    One Day.

    When you've got a Health Minister (one third of the corporate parent responsible for the welfare of our children)swaring and lying in the States, at least on one occasion attempting to encourage another human being to commit suicide and a Chief Minister saying he has "every confidence in him" and telling a "democratic" state that "the matter is closed" Is it any wonder our children don't stand a chance? You can spend months and weeks asking the Education Minister if any of his civil servants have been questioned by the police in connection with child abuse, get no answer from him and then get your answer from a national newspaper!!

    I know what you are up against and respect you for speaking out about it.This government is out of control and are creating a future generation of hate and anger, roll on the next elections there will be some big changes!!

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