Friday, 3 April 2009

Happy Anniversary

It is without celebration that this day passes. A year ago tonight was when Social Services invaded our lives, not to help but to destroy a family. A year ago tonight somebody somewhere decided that I was not allowed to look after two of my sons, without even the courtesy of a visit to my home. No-one has admitted who made this decision, does anyone care? One week it took to be allowed to have one son back home, my other son has been earmarked for a full care order. We have always wanted him home, it was not my choice for him to be taken away in the first place - I have begged and pleaded for him to be returned home from day one.

A year on and all they have done is fractured the family to a point that it is accepted that he will never be 'our' son again, get his school stuff together, get up in the morning, take him to cubs, youth club, swimming, kissing him goodnight, you know the normal day to day things. There was a point last year when I was sorting through some of his books, when I just sat there looking at them, thinking he's gone. It was a point I imagine similar to grieving after a bereavement, a realisation that he is gone and whatever happens now the child we knew has become older, and less compliant as a result of being allowed to grow up too fast by the lack of care he is now being given. We will never have that time back and I look forward to the day that they will have to justify to my son why they destroyed a 'mother-son' relationship, and would not let him return home to a family that wants him.

Perhaps they are now going to use the same phrase as with Karen Huchet, 'an irretrievable breakdown in relationships' as the excuse for their quest of power over my son. As I have said previously, they do have targets to reach to make sure that their jobs are safe for life, forget the children.

Incidently which in fact makes all the more bizarre the advocate has actually stood up in Court and has said to the judge that it is correct I have done nothing wrong. So therefore it must be official that Social Services can in fact take your children unlawfully, keep them away from you, refuse to let you see them (unless it's under their terms, which again I've tried, but each time the arrangement has been stopped by social services - phonecalls etc) and eventually never plan to return them home. I have in writing that they do not plan to return him home........ ever.


Anonymous said...

One Day

My thoughts are with you and your family

Take care and hang in there


One Day said...

Thank you Carrie