Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My log 14th April - 16th April 2008

Monday 14th April

Was told when I see **** it would have to be supervised. Not allowed to see him on my own.
16.30 **** attended my home, gave me the ‘initial assessment reports’ on (3 of my children – not the other 2).

Upon reading these reports a number of mistakes have been noticed.

Initial assessment totally irrelevant as it does not address the issue and appears to be centered around myself.
Wrong children’s name, ages etc.

Tuesday 15th April

No contact from Social Services.
Allowed two hours unsupervised contact with my husband and (4 children) and myself. Had permission from social worker to go out to dinner altogether.

Saw my kidnapped son round the back of home from the kitchen window at about 18.15 then he came round to the front door. He wanted to be able to come in but I had to tell him that I could not speak to him and that he could not come in as I had been told that I could not see him unsupervised. He left the house visibly upset as was the whole family.

Returning from ‘dinner’ all the children were inconsolable from having to leave their dad who could not come home with them due to his bail conditions. This is happening on a daily basis and is having an extremely detrimental effect on the whole family unit. I hope the Social Services can justify their draconian actions which will in my opinion have far reaching consequences into the future.

Complaint to manager **** at social services from my mother about the treatment of myself by the social services in my advanced state of pregnancy. My mother was left with the impression that they could not care less.

Wednesday 16th April

10.00 Doctor’s appointment. To check on my health and the health of my unborn child as a result of the extreme stress that I have been put under by the social services.

Dr **** phoned me back to explain his conversation that had taken place with (come in No 1, you’re sacked). I took notes from the phone call:-

My doctor’s first words to me were ‘I see what you are up against’. That he felt no empathy from her, she is on a mission and had nothing positive to say about my husband and I. He tried to tell her that he believed that the children were at no risk from us however she told him that she felt that there was a very important issue to investigate. He tried to discuss the situation with her but he did not get anywhere. He said I needed to have my husband home as in my advanced state of pregnancy I needed support. He was told ‘her daughter can help her‘, to which Doctor **** replied ‘a 15 year old is hardly any help and why should she take on the role of a parent’.

‘Come in No 1, you’re sacked’ totally dismissed the offer of a social and medical report on our family by Dr ****.

This whole experience leaves you feeling like you could actually get a response from a brick wall, in fact a conversation, and also complete the task of getting blood out of a stone in comparison to getting an ounce of common sense out of a social worker, perhaps they should also get a diploma in listening skills, it should be part of their job, unfortunately it isn't.

Well over a year on and nothing has improved in that department, just have their bizarre behaviour escalating. They have this excellent technique they currently use - they send you letters saying you are not co-operating with them, you reply asking questions, they totally ignore your correspondance, write you another letter saying exactly the same as the other, and so it carries on...... I can only assume they only pop their letters in the file to look good and lose mine, so I' ve even started emailing as well, still the same.

A few posts ago I mentioned the costs so far - a little update on that one - a couple of days after the post, we had a letter from one incompetent law firm, stating that even though they did not agree with us they were dropping around £750.00 off the bill. So I'll raise a toast for incompetence - the fantastic legal aid system!


TonyTheProf said...

That's very sad, have you spoken to a local deputy, or senator to see if they can help support your case?

When is the baby due? I'm sure anyone reading your blog will be thinking of you at this time and then.

voiceforchildren said...

One Day.

Tony asks a good question. Have you asked any of the people who were elected to represent you to represent you?

I know you must feel that you can not face another brick wall sometimes but I believe you must at least try and involve your represenatatives. If nothing else it will expose them as being complicit in these horrific events.

But you just never know, there are some good people in the States, not many, i'll grant you. There is no doubt you are in need of some represenation and I don't believe you will get it from legal aid!

Contact your Deputy(s) and Connetable that's what they are there for...........well, in theory anyway.

One Day said...

Two senators have already 'passed me on', as many people will know, when they are in the wrong - God don't they hate to admit it! I've been told by one of the many heads to address 'my concerns' legally, so I write nice letters to them to be told 'I can not answer your questions'. Another senator has some of my papers, but sometimes people are just too busy. Do I think getting in touch with a deputy would truly help - then I would have to say no. A few times we have drafted letters to a couple but then have thought - what's the point? No-one is prepared to help anyone when they can see nothing in it for them. Do we feel alone - yes, but we will carry on the only way we know how.

Thanks for asking but our beautiful little baby girl is now 9 months old. My son has now been kidnapped for over a year now, he's only got to see his baby sister a couple of times, behind the backs of the wonderful 'Social Services'. Now I don't even know what he wants to do, he's scared to tell his 'carers?' and social services he wants to come home.

So out of the equation we are, is that when an ambulance was called to take him to hospital with a head injury, 6 stitches, not one person from social services has bothered to tell me. My daughter found out today when she saw him.

Anonymous said...

Hi One Day,
I'm shocked (but actually I'm hardly surprised) you weren't told of your sons accident. It seems that parents don't seem to be treated with any respect.
I have been following your blog for several months and my heart goes out to you. I think your Deputies may be supportive (be selective about which one/s you approach- seek advice if you are not sure). Also, hopefully the new Assistant Minister once appointed may be a good person to contact. It would be wonderful if there was more than a glimmer of hope with the new ministers.
Good luck and I sincerely hope you get him back.