Tuesday, 3 November 2009

It's like playing a part in a film....

Mrs Hardy: Wheres the clock you bought?

Stan: I don’t know. Ollie said he was gonna keep it in the dark and if I kept my mouth shut no one would be any the wiser ;

(Thicker Than Water)

I think that events are taking a turn into the realms of comedy now, you wait 18 months and slowly but surely you get the proof you need.

A brief round up of the crimes committed against me by Social Services, Children's Services and their Legal Misrepresentatives:

Kidnapping - forcibly keeping my children away from me with NO Court Order.
Assaulting one of my children by dragging him from me, another by snatching a phone out of her hands, making her cry.
Forging a letter from my son
Perverting the course of Justice
Defamation of character
An advocate pretending to represent me to obtain 'personal information' that she was not entitled to have.
Publishing of my husbands name in JEP- illegal
Breach of PPCE law - 2 counts
Police unlawfully changing evidence

Failure to follow procedures and numerous other events to date.

Oh and to remind you of my most heinous crime in this:


(Oh and add black mail to that list)


voiceforchildren said...

One Day.

I have been following your experiences and can relate to them almost entirely.

You are clearly an articulate lady who is not going to just roll over and allow these injustices to be swept under the carpet.

Thank you for sharing your horrendous experiences with us. It just might help somebody else in the same position.

Keep up your fight for justice, it is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

keep going One Day you will have justice. The Child Services are failing the children of Jersey in more ways than one.

take care.