Wednesday, 25 November 2009

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today the 25th November 2008, I started this blog to bring issues such as we have been through out in to the open. I felt I had no alternative, I was not being listened to whatever avenue I chose to persue. Basically all State's employees told me if I had a problem, to have it addressed legally. This piece of advice was no doubt given as we did not have the funds to pay a proper advocate and we would have to turn to legal aid, where for the sake of their easy paycheques they do no work on your behalf and you pay in reality for them to aid your opposition.

Well actually I now would like to thank them for that advice, as we spent since July preparing my husbands criminal appeal against sentence and conviction on the main ground of the error in the transripts of my husband's interview - I wrote a post about this in August.

I thought for the blog's anniversary I would have a good news theme........

The appeal against my husband's conviction and sentence was granted and we won the case and the conviction has been quashed.

So here's a interesting point for discussion - they kidnapped my son for nothing, they applied for the care order solely because of the conviction - there's no conviction - perhaps they would like to apply to discharge the care order..... Slowly but with determination we are proving we are right.


Anonymous said...

I am just so pleased for all of your family. Perhaps one day soon you will all be together again.

It is so good to read some good news for a change. Your determination and love for your family have paid off.

The care order should be discharged.

When that happens, make them pay.

Tony said...

So please for you.

Tony (the prof)

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Póló said...

Always great to see justice done. Doesn't make up for the damage though.

Looked at your profile. Surely part of the problem is that Jersey is not part of the UK? Though the UK is far from perfect in this regard either.

All best wishes for a speedy recovery.