Friday, 9 January 2009

What to expect to hear from your very own criminal legal aid lawyer

Yes, the play on words in the title is intended!

Well my husband who has never been in any sort of trouble with the police, told the truth in his statement - something that actual child abusers appear unable to do as I believe their standard answers are 'no comment'. My son was punished for his behaviour, that was all, he was not beaten up or assaulted, a fact that has evaded all proceedings to date.

I read Senator Shenton's take on the legal aid system in the paper the other night with some ammusement. Now is there some concern out there that the peasants may be revolting? Are they thinking 'quick lets think of something to keep these minions under control, if too many stand up for themselves and speak the truth we've had it!'

Here's some of the advice my husband received from his criminal lawyer:

This case should not even be in court but you will be found guilty - she's taken to fortune telling as a sideline.

You will be found guilty whatever you say - again the crystal ball is out.

When pointing out the many inconsistencies and lies in my son's statement (ie one thing said then a few questions later a completely different answer to the same question) - told sorry we can not use that as we are not allowed to say he lied.

Told accept to go guilty to a 'lesser' charge of assault, and told there is no point to have principles as he would be found guilty - read his tea leaves this time.

Or was it something else, was she not really a fortune teller and was it a pre-arranged guilty verdict?

I actually think it was the latter, I don't think she is in to fortune telling as she let it slip in her summing up, and I quote:

'I ask the court to find the defendant GUILTY'.

So much for a legal aid defence - a very big public thank you for your incompetence.


voiceforchildren said...

One Day.

I think you've just about got the jist of it. You are supposed to keep your head down, mouth shut and do what you are told.

If you get something for nothing, that is about what it's worth.......nothing.

I am as sure as I can be you, or I , will never get a lawyer over here on legal aid or not, that will expose this government in the name of truth and justice.

We are the peasants and should know our place. Keep Blogging and exposing these atrocity's allowed to carry on in this banana republic. No matter how long it takes, the truth will out!

Anonymous said...

Something for nothing? On legal aid? Dont make me laugh.Despite being sole wage earner with wife and six children,with disposable income of less than £250 per month, i was assessed as being liable for 50 per cent of lawyers full fees. at £480 per hour and a case lasting 9 months, outcome being a criminal record and five figure debt.

One Day said...


I totally agree with you, and my mouth will not stay shut in the slightest! At the beginning of the year I was happily in my own little bubble, ignoring what the powers that be have done to my family - a current senior civil servant will know my brother as he broke his nose once upon a time - my mum and aunts in HDLG - my aunt once told me they were raped and shoved in cupboards as children (she left the island never to return) and myself. But now they have stolen a child of mine, for no good reason, I will not stay quiet anymore.

For many years we have told people about the current senior civil servant and others and have been ignored. After they kidnapped my children I started looking at Stuart Syvret's blog and then followed yours. That is what got me started in this blog, and now I have I will carry on.

I'm glad you decided to keep on blogging, so keep it up! - perhaps we should start a peasants law firm to gain the truth :)

Linda Corby said...

Disgusting is what it is. There is no such thing as free legal aid in Jersey, and defiantly no win no fee as that would mean they would have to actually defend people or work on an agree % payment on results, this is how it should be, they should work for their money like the rest of us.

I got taken to court when a neighbor physically attacked me and I defended myself. In this neighbour’s police statement they openly admitted the offense against me. The judge threw it out of court I was completely exonerated, but no charges for the assaults on me or on other family members of mine ever got taken to court as no charges were made.
I have been known to defend myself in court and won and taken others to court and won, but one shouldn’t have to do this!

My husband has thrown social worker’s out of our home, and I personally wouldn’t let them in at all knowing what I know now, too many of them have never even had a child themselves and a lot are little more that babies themselves, trained like robots with no life experience what-so-ever.

I don’t see them picking on the wealthy in the same aggressive manner as they do working class people, seems they believe having the money to pay for private schools, nannies or buy anything without any financial stress is more important than the love you give to your children. Plus of course with money you can afford to fight them with the top solicitors, and not have to suffer ineptitude at the hands of a legal aid one.

I feel for you, there is nothing worse than losing your children, I know because two of mine passed on out of this world, take comfort from the fact that there is still hope for you in getting yours back at some point in the future!

One Day said...

Hi Linda,

I like your point about the working class. I wonder if anyone can get hold of the statistics of where all children in some type of care originally lived. I bet they don't live where the parents can afford a proper defence ;)

One Day said...

Without kidnapping a few children here and there they wouldn't have a job, and I know from what I have been told that children in our island that truely do need rescuing are left with their parents - too damaged perhaps to give to childless couples?

Linda Corby said...

They don't like it when they come into your house, and you just get on with your housework with one tot at your side and the other sleeping contently in its cot.

Especially, when like me you give them cleaning equipment and tell them to make themselves useful or leave, lol. Give them some actual work to do and they soon scarper!

One Day said...

That's where I went wrong then I offered them a cup of tea, lol!

Linda Corby said...

Yes my friend,

What you do is give them a cuppa after they have helped you finish off the housework,lol.

Wouldn't want to be rude, but they are visiting to make judgments about you and your family and half the time all they do is stop you from doing the job properly, then report back to their bosses.

Let's face it wealthy people employ others to keep their homes spick and span, and don't work themselves, much easier to give a good impression when you don't have to do the dirty jobs yourself. Easy to entertain and appear the perfect parent.

The above never appears to be taken into account. I would also like to see stats for the backgrounds of children in care, they are not done in Jersey, I am sure that they would show up the have and have not element.

One Day said...

Hi Linda,

I totally agree, that is why they are now banned from my house and I have told them they are most unwelcome anywhere near my family as I have to protect them from these story makers. They say one thing, write another, then they transfer notes saying something totally different!