Monday, 29 March 2010

A Brief Recap of Our Last Two Years.....

All that I post below is facts, all of which I have the evidence for.... I may omit some facts as there are just too many for a brief recap!

3rd April 2008 onwards....

My 12 year old son said he had been kicked in the head by my husband.

School counselor wrote on the referral form that we had had a child protection referral before - we had not - it was the people who they placed my son with.

My husband was arrested for allegation of kicking a child in head.

Sometime before 10am the following day, police and social workers knew this to be a false allegation.

Two children were removed from my care with no emergency protection order - therefore the social services acted illegally.

They did not return my children in the legally stipulated time of 72 hours in the absence of a Court Order.

Instead of admitting there was a false allegation they mounted a campaign to try to get my husband plead guilty to an assault that did not happen.

My husband pleaded not guilty despite often being told you will be found guilty by his defence lawyer.

He was found guilty.

The policeman who transcribed my husband's interview got it wrong - a fact so wrong that it overturned his conviction.

They have imposed a care order on the grounds of the conviction.

I appealed the care order, however it now seems that they plucked my son out of thin air and popped a care order on him as a result of no incident taking place. An interesting scenario this is and one that is worth a further challenge.

Now as these years are ticking by they have sent my son's behaviour downhill, that is saying it politely, they have not acted in his best interests - just trying desparately to cover up their mistakes.

Last week after the hearing I was approached by Miss Purgery who at a previous hearing told the Court we were all moving to Australia (perhaps wishful thinking in her behalf) and said we must work together to get him home - after telling the court I was putting him at risk of emotional harm? I said I will work with you 100% once you acknowledge that no assault took place. She said we can't do that - I said well I know that otherwise you would have to admit you are wrong.

Their plan is obvious to most earthworms even - they want to slip him back home drop the care order and make it appear like it is all rosy in the garden again, and I will go away.

Today as it stands they are responsible for the destruction of another child's life rather than be held accountable for their devastating mistakes, lack of communication, incompetence and outright lies.


voiceforchildren said...

One Day.

To anybody who isn't familiar with "The Jersey Way" and how our "professionals" fail our children and their families, they could be forgiven for believing you have made this story up. Quite honestly it can appear in parts, a little difficult to believe that anything like this could be done to a family.

For those doubters I would say read This and then see what you think.

I know how our children are treated over here. I also know what happens to people who dare expose it.

Jersey is a very scary place for children and families that speak out, it takes guts and courage doing what you are doing O.D. Let's hope the next generation of children will be able to benefit for it, because "hope" is about all we have left!

Ian Evans said...

Jersey is a very scary place for(anyone) who speaks out about anything!

But more and more, courageous people are coming forward and telling their story.

It is a trend that must continue, so keep up the fight O.D.

Shout it from the rooftops.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link VFC, but it cannot be found !

Anonymous said...


One Day said...

Is that a cryptic clue?

Ian Evans said...

One Day

That was someone testing if you could accept comments!

All the other blogs apart from Stuart's have been blocked from receiving comments over the election.

No doubt the work of Jersey's Scum Government and their helpers