Sunday, 21 March 2010

Very Appealing!

This will be a short post almost two years to the day Social Services kidnapped my son. Anyone who has followed this blog will know our story, and will know we appealed the conviction against my husband and won. Next week will bring my appeal against the care order imposed on my son, which is now as a result of a lawful punishment for my son's behaviour. Imagine having a child taken from you for grounding them and being told they are at risk of significant harm.

These two years have seen the destruction of my child's education, after numerous suspensions he has now been expelled. They have not only destroyed our family but my son who they are supposed to protect. Shame on them. They have my utter disrespect. Any child in their care is at risk from the incompetence and negligence of these so-called professionals.

If I win, what have I won? I have been told that 'if you get him back he's not the child you once knew' (from a professional referring to his downward spiraling behaviour). There's a old saying that the social services should have taken note of two years ago 'Mother knows best'. No-one knows my son like I do, they should have listened to me.


voiceforchildren said...

One Day.

I have, to the best of my ability, been following your story for the last couple of years.

No parent or child should be subjected to the atrocities that you and your family have been subjected to by our "care" system.

You have shown to be a very strong person who has fought tirelessly against this very "questionable" system and you truly are to be applauded and admired.

One has to ask, how many mothers and fathers in Jersey have had their children kidnapped by the "care" system and had the fight beaten out of them, haven't had your strength and tenacity?

TonyTheProf said...

Good luck with your appeal.

One Day said...

Thank you TonyTheProf - I will post the outcome in due course.

One Day said...


The answer is many families get blackmailed into admitting the abuse and going guilty. This then gives social services a free pass to write what ever they want about you without having to have proof. I know of people who this has happened to, mainly through this blog and getting people to be open about it. Social Services rely on secrecy and shame to get away with what they are doing.

You may be interested to know that in the cases I talk of there are the same lawyers associated with each different case - obviously I have their names. I believe they have been chosen to intimidate their clients.