Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Will Justice ever come to Jersey?

Well perhaps the first point to address is why i have started this blog and if i'm honest it's in the hope of seeing justice throughout the States Departments and for them to be held accountable when they break the law. A pattern seems to form over the years and it is a method they use again and again - they break the law and therefore will use any measures possible to cover up their illegal actions including abusing the Legal system. I have no doubt of their powers, believe me i could tell you about a fictitious boat I was booked onto to prevent me going to a trial, when i arrived, the Condor terminal was in darkness with a little man brushing the floor, telling me I must have it wrong as the boat never sailed at that time/ day. So I obviously showed him the ticket, then he couldn't explain what had happened. Another longer story involves being double-crossed and the Home Office becoming involved in this instance, but I suppose life is for adventure......

However their latest one to me is kidnapping my children. Yes you did read it right - kidnapping. This is not a wild accusation, I have documented proof of this, but have you ever tried getting justice or truth out of a States Department? This started with the vigilante and illegal actions of Social Workers on the 3rd April this year. During the course of the last few months i have even seen them offering up falsified evidence to the secret family court - this court is so secret over here twice i have had problems even finding the hearings listed, standing at the Greffe saying there is a hearing - being told we have no listing etc. Eventually to be told - oh we've found it. I have also taken the step of representing myself as one child is still in effect kidnapped. I am writing this as an account of what has happened to my family over the last few months, the story will unfold in parts. Again everything I will put on here can be proven. I will not stop until all those involved are held accountable.

I also passed on the information that would of highlighted the illegal operations of the department on the 20th April 2008 to the Minister, to ask for his help. Instead he passed the buck and I have now a few more names to add to the list of those involved in this cover up. They expect people to bow down and grovel to them, but not me, I am currently compiling my case against the Social Services.

I may leave certain items out from my record at this stage, the main reason for this is there are current legal proceedings and also for future court case as I do not want to give the Law Officers an unfair advantage by handing my evidence on a plate to them.

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Linda Corby said...

I feel for you. Know that you are not alone. Many people have and are suffering from injustice in Jersey.
It is sick.

I have added you in my links at my blog at http://lcorby.wordpress.com
Jersey links box on right hand side as you scroll down my blog page, hope it helps people find your blog, good luck and I hope you get justice!