Saturday, 29 November 2008

My log of the 4th - 6th April 2008

Friday 4th April

Waited for ***** to contact me. Was told that they would come and see me after they had interviewed the children at 10.00am. No-one contacted me. Went to the police station at 14.30 to see if I could find out firstly where the children were and what was happening to my husband. I fully expected that the children were coming home today.

Whilst at the police station:
14.40 ***** phoned me to say that I would not be seeing the children, definitely not over the weekend but maybe the next week with no explanation to why except that they did not feel safe at home.

Told not to try contacting the children at all.

Saturday 5th April

No contact was made by social services.
Whilst at her father’s house ***** phoned me to say how upset ***** was and that he had tried to run away from there to come home saying that he wanted to see mummy. I talked to him to tell him how much I loved him and that they would be both home soon and that he was not in any trouble.
My daughter stayed at home with me that night.
My husband was taken to La Moye prison in the morning to appear in court on the Monday morning.

Sunday 6th April

No contact was made by social services.

Now initially they failed to obtain a Court Order or a warrant for arrest on the 3rd April 2008. They also failed to obtain authorisation for the removal of my children from school from the Minister of Education.

Sunday, oh if only I knew then what I know now I would have gone and picked them up. This is the day that 'come in number 1 you're sacked' gets into sticky ground. Whatever reason they have given for taking your children after 72 hours their luck runs out and they are legally obliged to return your child/ children home. If they keep them away from you they have to apply for a Court Order which has to be shown to you.

Guess what - they did not have any Court Orders. They were acting illegally. 'No 1 - you're sacked' fraudulently took my children from me and then unlawfully kept my children away from me with no lawful reason or excuse. 'Kidnapped'.


Anonymous said...

Hello One Day,
It all sounds very disturbing and wrong to me. I haven't had dealings with Social Services but I had a rough time with the Health Department and they are the same thing so I can relate a bit.
I know Social Services have child protection to consider but they also have a duty of care to the family - presumably? I hope your story isn't typical? Compare the under-reaction of Baby P. authority and it seems like Jersey has over-reacted in this instance. Surely there is a third way. Do you think Social Services are paranoid in light of HDLG and are just over doing it?

Anonymous said...

keep going

good luck

Helen said...

Hi Oneday
unfortunately your experiance with SS don't surprise me is one of the social workers involved ef?? I had dealings with her which nearly drove me mad!! All I can say is keep on my thoughts are with you xx

One Day said...
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One Day said...

My answer to a few questions:

I believe the Social Services only have a duty of care to their fellow staff. The best interests of the child are not taken into consideration at all - and the rest of the family is last on the list.

At first my husband thought they may have been over-reacting because of HDLG, however asking a number of people I have been told the way they opperate has not changed since the 50's in this respect. They forcibly adopted a son of my mum's without her permission the same happened to my aunt - they had done nothing to harm the children concerned.

What was allowed to happen to Baby P is disgusting. There is no way they could have missed what was happening, they chose to leave him there to die in my opinion.

What they did was not just an over-reaction, their actions are actually illegal.

No It wasn t ef - what you mean there are even more the same?! ;)

Anonymous said...

I trust One Day, your son will be allowed to come home again. It would be encouraging to think that after all Social Service's damage, that they stay away and let your family heal itself without further interference.
Somehow I doubt that the luxury of family privacy will be afforded to you.