Wednesday, 26 November 2008

My Log of The 3rd April 2008

I have taken out the names from my log, but a number of people have a copy including Ministers and the Court.

So here's the day my life started on this roller coaster of lies, deceits and cover ups:

Thursday 3rd April

10.53am **** school secretary phoned me to say that ***** had been involved in messing around in the playground before school and had fallen and had a lump on the back of his head (no mention of extensive bruising to an ear). My reply was ‘that doesn’t surprise me’. I was told he was fine and had been sent back to class.

15.35 received a phone call from a lady identifying herself as *******, a social worker who told me that she had picked up my children from school. She then asked for my permission to the examination of ****** by the police doctor as a result of serious allegations that he has made. I was totally shocked by this and when I tried asking how this situation had occurred was given no information. I could not believe what I was hearing and asked for her to phone back in 5 minutes so I could try and comprehend what she had said to me. I asked when the children would be returned home she refused to answer me and spoke with a condescending attitude.

I would like to especially know who authorised the collection of (other child) from (another) School without my permission and for no valid reason.

Also who tricked my daughter ***** to going to the police station on the pretence that I was already there. Also once there she asked where I was and was told that I was on my way down there, when they had forbidden me to have any contact with my children.

15.45 phoned back to ask for my permission again for an examination for **** which I granted and then I was told she would come and see me after the examination. Again asked when the children would return home. Was told ‘at this stage I can not answer you‘.

17.00 police and social workers arrived at the door. Firstly my husband **** was cautioned and arrested by two police officers and taken to the police station. Two social workers and a child protection officer entered my front room. Here they told me that the children’s home was not safe for them to stay without giving me any proof or evidence of this alleged allegation. Was asked where they could stay for one night I said ‘at my mother’s house’ they told me to phone her and ask. By this stage I was in tears and extremely upset, I phoned my mother to try and explain a situation that I did not really understand I was completely taken aback by these people sitting there telling me my home was not a safe environment for ***** and *****. My mother understandably was also upset as I am 29 weeks pregnant, sobbing down the phone trying to explain why I was not allowed to have care of my children. My mother asked to speak to a social worker to try and establish the facts and was told that it was nothing to do with her and they did not like her attitude and therefore she was an unsuitable grandmother and were going to have to conduct a police check on her. To which my mother replied I am a holder of a PSV badge so therefore I do not need a police check to which thy replied ‘how do we know that?’
After this call the social workers (*****) told me they did not think the children should stay with my mother. I burst into tears again and said it is obvious she is going to be upset the children love going up to grandma’s.
They left with overnight bag for **** and *****, leaving **** and **** behind in my care with the assurance that **** and ***** would be staying with my mother.

I was so upset and frightened that they would not let the children stay at my mother’s that I sent her a text saying ‘please just agree with what they say otherwise they won’t let the kids stay with u x then god knows where they ll take them’ time text was sent -17.53.28 03/04/08

****** phoned me from the police station on her mobile asking if she could also stay at grandma’s, I said should not be a problem but I will phone and check.

My mother phoned ***** and she was in tears and said she could not come as she was not allowed to and the social worker took the phone from my daughter and told my mother that the children were to frightened to come and stay with her and that she would be further investigated as to why. They would not tell my mother where they were taking her grand children and that she was not allowed to contact me. My mother replied try stopping me I am going there now.

18.28 withheld number
Was told by ***** that the children were not going to my mother’s as they were scared of her. I was told they were going to stay with my ex-partner, father of my eldest child **** but no relation of **** and ****.
Told not to try contacting the children at all as I would be charged with perverting the course of justice.

Now please do remember in all of this, I had done nothing wrong.


voiceforchildren said...

One Day.

I look forward to reading, with great interest, your story as it unfolds. Please don't allow "the powers that be" to intimidate you because you can be sure that's what they are going to try.

Have got you on as a link on my site, and hope your blog get's the exposure it deserves.

One Day said...

Thank you voiceforchildren, believe me, I am not easily intimidated - I even had to dismiss 'my' lawyer and represent myself in Royal Court when it became blatantly obvious they were all working together against me. At least for the first time i am being heard.

voiceforchildren said...

One Day.

Not so long ago if somebody had said to me Lawyers and media were working for our "powers that be" I would have said they were a conspiracy theorist.

Now when people say it I think "so what's new"? I only started blogging out of sheer nesseccity and desperation and was the ONLY way to get my voice heard.

I know exactly how local lawyer's, local media and most politicians over here operate and it just stinks.

Almost on a daily basis new blogsites are turning up locally, most with the same story involving, media and goverment and the corruption.

Keep Blogging you will and are getting heard!!!

thejerseyway said...

One Day.

Nice to see another new Blogger out there, I've just started myself. I can only repeat what VFC has said to you.
You have to keep going to beat the system.
I've but you on my Blogs that I follow, Can I ask if you could do the same, We need as much publicity as we can possibly get.
Thanks read you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi , very interesting! but are u really suprised when the island is run buy a dictatorship! where goverment , lawyers and the media tell us such lies to protect there great lifestyles, it all comes down to money! children dont matter, as we are well aware, as mario lundy is protected buy those above? something to hide there then? and decent people like stuart syvret and simon bellwood are sacked for telling the truth, that just says it all about jersey,
The worst thing of all they think we the public beleive there lies, wake up frankie and co , we know jersey is corrupt and u lot should be locked up , not swaning around the world on our money