Thursday, 27 November 2008

'You won't get what you want'

This is a statement that has now been with me for many months. It was the mature, professional comment from the first social worker that I had the pleasure to meet. Upset I said to her 'all I want is my family back together', her reply was 'well you're not going to get what you want'.

I wonder, had I said something out of place, why shouldn't I want my family back together?

Mind you to this day they are helping her keep her word.

You would think it was simple wouldn't you, my son wants to be home (he's stated this many times to various people from April), we want him home (have not said he should be living anywhere but home), and yet he's still not home. However the Children's Service are opposing him being allowed to live with his family. He also has five brother's and sister's at home. They are breaching our Human Rights. They also have not allowed him contact with his extended family either, again breaching Human Rights. They want to control the family telling us when we can see each other (actually more not allowed to see him) and for many months I thought they had power. Now I see my son whenever we want and look forward to the day he will be allowed to live again as part of his family and not as an outsider (this is done behind their back as they have lied to both my family and my son).

Here's a little taster of one of many lies:

Doorbell went, answered door signed for a letter 'couriered' to me by 'my(?)' lawyer's stating how much my son did not want to see me, I turned and looked at my son (the one not allowed home), and thought - 'I dost think they're telling me fibs'. This event was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back and my lawyer /client relationship was terminated.

A truly sad moment happened last week when my kidnapped son asked if we could go and watch him play football. We had to miss it because my huband is working off his 40 hours community service and it was at the same time.

Here's a couple of phrases that are commonly used when dealing with the not-so-nice employees (as I have said not all are the same, I am hoping I have just been unfortunate):

'I'll speak to my line manager'
'We don't have the facility'
'They're scared of you'
'It's all your fault anyway'
'I'll have to investigate you'

When dealing with people that may question them then that's an easy one:

They are deemed 'abusive'.

This happened to both my mother and doctor when they put in a complaint about Social Worker No 1 (I'ld like to be the director of the Prisoner so I could say 'come in No 1 you're sacked).

Another one was, when a Social worker was told complaints about their illegal actions and behaviour were going in, we were told 'yeah - bring it all on'. So I am.

Hold on did I remember to tell you - I did nothing wrong?

I think this is the moment to congratulate Simon Bellwood who stood up and said 'this is illegal' about the Grand Prix system. I just wish there were a few more like him with integrity then we would see greater changes. Silence is allowing them to commit unlawful acts.

Thinking about this, they must have confused me for 'The Life Skills Teacher' as I have been told I have a punishment room downstairs. So be careful if you live in a townhouse style place where they put a bedroom two floors down from anywhere else and of course if you have a bed, wardrobes, curtains, flat screen TV, DVD player etc in the room. There may be a few people glad to live in our punishment room. Sadly not one of around 9 people took up my offer to come and see the room. Want to come and see? - Sadly I can only guarantee comfort and soft furnishings.


thejerseyway said...

Well having been reading VFC Blog for the past 3 months, there is nothing that would surprise me.
I've not had any dealings Social services yet & I hope I don't, but reading your Blog, VFC's Blog & SSS's Blog I get the feeling your not alone in your battle for justice.

You will have to keep going on your long road. As VFC says Blogging helps him keep sane.

Good Luck read you latter.

One Day said...

thejerseyway - yep, it does get a frustration out! Thanku

voiceforchildren said...

One way.

Have updated your link on my blog. I would suggest you post a link on as many other Blogsites as you can.

One Day said...

Thank you VFC