Saturday, 6 December 2008

Here is a few tips I have found for any budding social workers out there!

'Rules for certain British Social Workers'

by Ian Josephs at

If you want to become a British Social Worker, and work in

our children's departments, 'you have to obey the following rules'

Please note:- Kind, genuine, caring, honest people need not apply

1. If you yourself have an unhappy or non-existent family life you are an ideal candidate to become a social worker. When you get used to breaking up other people's families and taking their children you will forget your own troubles and it will make you feel great. Remember however, that if you come across a really brutal family where a child is being cruelly abused (like little Victoria Climbié), just clear out in a hurry and leave them alone. Don't worry, no-one will expect you to risk your own safety.

2. If mothers or fathers come to you for help, pretend to sympathise, as the Children's Act itself says "befriend them". Then if they have just one difficult child, or a low IQ, go to one of our friendly family courts and get an emergency protection order without telling the parents, and you can go and get their children off them. It's so easy to take children from the families naive enough to go to us for help. What do they know anyway, they don't have our qualifications in sociology.

3. Go out now and collect as many babies as you can. Dig up some irrelevant fault in the parents past and the court will almost always give you an emergency protection order when a new baby is born. This means you can actually go to the hospital shortly after birth and snatch the new-born from the mothers arms. These mothers then are mostly condemned for life to produce babies for us themselves!! That will teach them to try and resist our plans!! Years ago we used to bully unmarried mothers into giving up babies in their thousands, but now that being a single parent seems respectable we unfortunately have to trawl round to find the mothers we can accuse of neglect even if we have to manufacture the evidence ourselves. It is all part of the job!!

4. Some parents will dare to oppose the care order or worse still refuse to sign adoption papers. Show no mercy to them. Encourage your expert barrister to demolish the character of any parent/s opposing you. The court will be in secret, so if parents complain to the press or to the public about any so-called injustice, they will be sent to prison for contempt. Freeing orders are so easy to obtain. We have got it all completely sewn up! Their legal aid lawyers usually agree to everything we say. They usually instruct the parent/s to allow their children to be taken and tell them to "jump through hoops" for us. Yes....It's true....most actually help us.

5. Once we get the children we brainwash them into saying unpleasant things about their parents on video, then we gradually reduce all contact with the families so we can finally get the youngest adopted and the others in long term foster care, hopefully for the full duration of their childhood. Murderers in H.M. prisons are allowed to phone home to their families, but that is not how we work in the S.S. !! We FORBID all kids in our "tender care" to make or receive telephone calls. They may tell their parents they want to come home, which will spoil our plans. Once we have legal control, we can gradually destroy their so called families by keeping parental control to the absolute minimum, and then eventually stop it all together. This way kids soon forget their families and settle into our rather special routine!

6. Are you sad that witchcraft trials finished 200 years ago? Never mind, we revived it all again with great success in the Orkneys accusing all sorts of parents of witchcraft and satanic abuse. There was no need for hard evidence (just a couple of kids who had watched too much late night TV), as our word is always good enough in secret family courts. We took children away in the middle of the night from all over the Orkneys. We only had to release them in the end because of interference from the gutter press. (This one's for you Shan (FASO). A good decent mum).

7. Professor Roy Meadows proved a good decent ally. He and his colleagues have given us literally thousands of babies and children, all put out for adoption thanks to his idiot theory that if a baby is ill or dies it is probably the mother harming it deliberately to gain attention for herself. This way she loses any future babies as soon as they are born. Who cares if his ideas are crazy? The judge only has to think mothers are PROBABLY guilty, so they end up crushed and defeated. No real proof is needed in family courts where the social workers and our "tame expert friends" are always believed no matter what the parents say. It's a doddle!

8. Let me remind you once again. Our job is to to SPLIT FAMILIES UP, not keep them together. To date I can report record numbers of shattered families and plenty more in the pipeline. Remember that the end justifies the means. You might think that parents who go to court weeping to recover their children would convince the judge of their love and sincerity and should usually win. Not on your life! We fight these impertinent purveyors of sentimental claptrap tooth and nail. We always win because purely in the public interest we are very economical with the truth in court and we brainwash the children to say whatever we want on video. (Even easier for us to do this with frightened children than for the Iraquis to tame tough US marines so successfully that they repeated everything they were told to say on video).

There is one point I would also add in light of the current developments over here, is that if you do take a stand and say this is unlawful in the way we are operating, and treat the children in our care, then let it be known that you will be sacked. We will then fabricate evidence against you also and do our best to discredit you very publically.

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Anonymous said...

One day , u are very brave , to stand up to these jokers, i wish u all the best and i hope justice is gained on your part! its a shame people who have had the same done to them have not looked into the law, but they have been threatened with having there name dragged through the mud! so have done nothing for a quiet life, the people or gangsters that run this island can do as they please , and answer to no one . good luck