Sunday, 7 December 2008

My log of the 7th - 9th April 2008

Monday 7th April

**** and **** had no clothes all weekend and were still in school uniform. (was informed by my daughter)
10.00 my husband was in court. Bailed with restrictions to stay at my mother’s house and not be allowed to the family home.
14.40 my husband and I attended Maison Le Pape to see *****.
After discussion with ***** we left with the impression that the children were coming home soon. She promised that she would bring ***** and **** home in the morning before 11.30 as she had a meeting at 12.00.
15.40 we left Maison Le Pape

Tuesday 8th April

Waited for promised phone call and children till 11.30. By this stage I was completely distraught. No call received.
Phoned 11.35 to ask when the children would come home. Was told ‘oh sorry we have now got to wait to see if you are being charged with wilful neglect’. yet again I could not believe what I was hearing.
I then informed her in no uncertain terms that they had no right to keep my children.

Wednesday 9th April

One hour supervised visit allowed with ****, no ***** with (come in no 1 you’re sacked). On seeing **** I gave him a hug, he was filthy, stunk and was in a fearful state. Seeing him like this made me extremely upset.
Asked if I would be able to cook tea for *****, I said of course I could.
***** was not allowed to stay at home. I was crying as she wrenched him away from me which left me in a state of collapse.


One Day said...

If you wish to complain about a Social Worker, luckily most have to register in the UK, you can even search Wales, just type in their name on a search snd they will pop up. Then check out their codes of practice. Here you can also put in a complaint following their easy steps - General Social Care Council -

Remember document everything ;)

Anonymous said...

The Parents Forum is an initiative aimed at parents and other individuals who are critical of the knee-jerk reaction to most domestic issues that it is the parents or family who are to blame. Here participants in the Parents Forum offer commentary and opinion on recent developments in parenting and issues relating to family life.

Anonymous said...

General Social Care Council""