Thursday, 18 December 2008


This I find an interesting word, I have been accused of this, my husband has been accused of this and ironically so has my kidnapped son. I hear you asking what have you all been minimising - well the incident of course, silly. Now let me think, if the incident in question is not a big deal for all of us, why are they maximising the issue? Simple, refer back to my first post and you will see the answer - to cover up their illegal behaviour. Ironically they have chalked up around 6 criminal charges and a couple of civil cases. I think I would like to invite Themis and Nemesis to hold the court. I am a great believer in truth, I find it frustrating being lied to and about, it is amazing what people can say about you when they have never met you. What right have they to judge you on their biased, paid for thoughts. Never believe in the independancy of people, the only ones you can trust in a case like this is your family and friends and of course yourself. Treat them as an enemy and keep them far away, this is the time not to go along with the saying 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'.

Here is my hypothetical quote of the week - if he's not allowed to go home he will rebel, but it is ok, in time this will pass.

I wonder if French Economist Claude-Frederic Bastiat (1801-50) ever thought how poignant his quote would be in the future -

'Once an abuse exists, everything is arranged on the assumption that it will last indefinitely; and, as more and more people come to depend upon it for their livelihood, and still others depend on them, a superstructure is errected that soon comprises a formidable ediface'.

Now think about this 16 years ago there may have been a couple of speech therapists for children at the hospital, now i would say it is a considerably higher number with their own department as well. You may have a child having difficulty with saying one word, but don't worry they will whisk them up the new department - don't forget they have to justify their jobs and if no children were referred, they would have no job. I think it's called job creation, creating a non existent problem and then the tax payers can pay for the solution. I have always been of the opinion that the majority of toddlers do not form and speak words fluently.

Has anyone any views on the management of Health and Social Services, what improvements could be made for users of the service, perhaps a list of recommendations could be compiled to send to them......

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